An HONEST QALO Silicone ring review

They are horrible! And this is why.


Wendy Austin-Rawlings says:

Another fad…….sigh…..someone is making some serious money here!

GT Outdoors says:

I won’t buy another one though. My ring stays in my gun safe. Gold conducts to well to wear it everyday at work.

Joey Cuz says:

I have to perfect solution. Don’t wear one. I have not worn mine since my wedding day. lol

GT Outdoors says:

I used one for awhile. I didn’t mind it. I play with my rings all the time though so it ripped after about 8 months.

John Corley says:

I have rheumatoid arthritis and my fingers swell on a regular basis. I can’t wear my wedding ring because if I swell it cuts the circulation off and the first time it happened I had to take a trip to the emergency room because my finger was rapidly changing pretty colors!!! ANYWAY…I bought one of these thinking that they would be able to stretch a bit along with the change in the size of my fingers. Well the Qalo were so uncomfortable that I didn’t wear it anyway!!! A good friend of mine who if a doctor had one on so I asked how in the world he could stand it. He told me it was because he bought a different brand off of Amazon by a company called ROQ. Was able to purchase 4 in different colors for 12.00 with free shipping since he had prime. Well I decided to try these and after getting the right size which was an issue (they seemed to run about 1/2 size small for me) I have been very impressed!!! They are reasonably comfortable to the point of not noticing I have it on and when I had some swelling it just stretched a bit not causing any issues!!! So anyway maybe give them a try if you are interested!!! Here is the link to the items on Amazon! God Bless!!!

Schrödy Brodie says:

Too small to be a vape band and way too small to be a cock ring.

Jon J says:

I love an honest review. Thanks I will not be buying that shit.

XGC Scrappy says:

Yea, things poking you with no lube is kinda uncomfortable.


Different strokes for different folks….. I carry a scar from a gold ring, since I went with the Qalo I haven’t worried about it cutting my finger off.

brymckown says:

Fuggin JUNK!!! LOL

Ed USAF says:

I don’t wear My Ring much, Got in that habit working around Cargo in the Air Force, Lots of stuff can tear You Fingers off!

TheRealCobraBurnout says:

Good honest review

Bluetunder40 says:

Tell them to GTFOH

Magnum says:

I was wondering if the aliens took you for a ride. I def won’t buy one of those now.

smilemoney says:

I thought you were going to start cutting Duck call blanks into rings.

saltyshellback says:

Don’t be such a sissy! I wear a ring made out of barbed razor wire to remind me of the sacrifice I made getting married!…lol

Ed USAF says:

Good to See You again!

ggracefulness1 says:

Ok Mr Sensitive hands. I guess it’s not for you. Funny video.

alonewcompany says:

does this mean you are retracting my proposal for marriage?? 🙁

MyHollowpoint says:

My brother had his ring finger degloved and it was amputated. Later divorced. Screwed all the way around. I recently lost my ring in the yard but still have my finger. I’ll take a finger over a ring any day 🙂

02pwrstrk says:

I’ve been married for 20-ish years. I have a nice ring, but i have never worn it. working around heavy steel, and now railroading, there is no way I want to chance of getting hooked up on anything. I’ve seen squashed rings pinching fingers and de-gloving of fingers, no thanks.

Brad DeLange says:

Thanks for this. I literally was on the fence (not even for safety but more for comfort) and now after watching this I’ve made up my mind! No Freakin Way!! When you said “it’s like rubber tubing they just cut,” it totally clicked and I can see what you mean. Oh well… haven’t lost my finger the last 8 years so why change now!! Thanks!!

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