TA-DA, MY RING COLLECTION HAS ARRIVED! I love anything that sparkles (fully convinced I was a bird in my past life) so here are a few of my most fabulous rings!

I LOVE YOU!!! So much. Thank you for everything.


Insta/Twitter/Snap: @AmberScholl


RING #1:



RING 4&5:

RING 6 :




RING 10:

RING 11:

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Jennifer Lopez says:

Ca. I restock the rongs pleaseeee

I'm a travellista says:

I love her

Professional Commenter says:

Cubic ZIRCONIA and Peridot ( pear-a- dough.)

Caldrine Love says:

@ambersholl This needs to be updated

Raeline Ledesma says:

When I grow up, I’m gonna get a 2 rings, one w a garnet stone on it, and the other w an amethyst stone on it, I was born in January and I’m an aquarius!


#August birthdays

Nisrine Elfares says:


Aida vega Vega says:

Amber. You are amazing always make me happy to see your channel nice vibe and good tips always love you girl!

Mallory Thomas says:

I can’t find rings like these that are cheap and perfect looking

Mikaya Moorleghen says:

Do they turn your finger green ?

Brandi Munguia says:

You should do a wish “diamond” ring haul.

Summer DG says:

i notice there’s always a little laugh after the intro. it’s cute

Younas Rana says:

Amber deserves more than 2.1M subscribers

Daniel Mottau says:

Loving your rings. But really loving those nails.

Ooly Moof says:

ohhh they’re fake

mary sunshine says:

Be a rich boujee bitch, it’s fun! I Laughed so hard.

She feels how I feel about the sparkles lol, and don’t we all. When I was 18 I bought myself a 14K yellow gold band, marquise cut baby solitari that was clear but had a huge single inclusion and got lucky when the crap ring got lost while being sized and I got a white diamond channel set round diamond anniversary band and I thought to myself wearing ~$1000+ on my hand w/ the 3 rings looking like i was engaged at least, “If I never get a mans, I’ll never need one B/c I’ll do for myself all he could ever do for me”, so I could promise to never sell myself short. Later had to sell the set so we could buy the house, but I encourage girls to feel good about themselves and KNOW your worth treating well, no matter how much he makes he should love you a whole fancy ass wedding set worth.

Single4 Ever17 says:

How do you keep your
Rings from turning or tarnishing?

Vyeyllah says:

Update ring collection? I love all your rings they look so precious

km Dee says:

Is it me or does she remind me of a hyper disney princess? Love your vibe!

Vyeyllah says:

U can get cz rings on it’s really cheap there but it takes about a month to arrive tho. But it looks so pretty and sparkly.

itsyagirlrose says:

you should make your own line of rings and sell them!!

Please don’t Even says:

Updated version of this video

IAmJust Amber says:

Amber Scholl calls her subs angels
Me ,my name is amber and i collect angels

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