Diamond Eternity ALL SIZES REVIEW!!

Adding the classic and popular diamond eternity rings to the website. These are always a great purchase or gift idea. Truly a design that’ll always be popular. There’s a bunch of different sizes so I wanted to make a few and do a review to help you guys out. Let me know down below if I should make bigger diamond eternity rings. Thanks!




T Boogie says:

Perfect timing with this I was just looking to buy me a nice diamond eternity. I like Gucci manes

alexjavi13ify says:

Jacoje what do you think: 2.5 mm Miami,concave,or baby curb chain?

Ezekiel Soto says:

What is the Italian gold Cuban chain on your website?

Ben menudo says:

You should review lil pumps drug addicts piece he said he spent over 300k on it

Dillon Andrew Del Alto says:

Clean AF

Ryan Pettway says:

Beyonce got the beehive. What we gonna call Jacojes hive lol

dirt2595 says:

Yall need to get Bosa back…

amezcua323 says:

Can’t wait too see a video on custom script rings/pendants

David Ko says:

Broke my phone screen smashing

Kainalu Berg says:

Please make a 14k pamp/pendant

Slim7321 says:


Tripnotyst says:

you can buy a finger sizing thing on amazon fort like $10 or less. I bought one recently before ordering a bunch of rings. One thing to consider if you use a sizing gauge is that the “rings” on it are very narrow compared to mens rings and are easier to slip on/off since you can angle them more than an actual ring. One of the rings I got fits perfect on my finger but i can barely get it off over my knuckle and I’m wishing I got a 1/4 or 1/2 size larger. The sizer ring went on and off perfectly since I could practically get it on a 45 and slip it off.

Anthony says:

Drop a mans version, it’ll take off!

DRiV3n says:

What are the respective Total Carat Weights for each size?

Mr. Reneboy says:

Hey there Jacoje, what size is that Jesus piece? Is it for sale on your website? That looks like the perfect size for my 24” 3mm Rope

NagChampa72 says:

You forgot to mention the carat weight

Evelyn Sjolin says:

Love them!

rick rick says:

Smash smash smash stack em up bling blow blurrrr cp_beenaboss@Instagram

Victor says:

Was that a 3.5 mm diamond cut or regular franco?

delsolhonda says:

question….do these have your logo on the inside band like your miami cuban link rings do?

six paths keem says:

Smash smash smash SMASH!!!

Keelan says:

Do they come with any type of diamond certification?

desmond granison says:

Love this guy press that smash button

Pepsta Lynn says:

Bro. Get those nugget rings going.

Kristhian Ortiz says:

You can always stack 2 3mm in 1 finger

Eric Boston says:

When will you have bigger Jesus pieces like the one you wearing?

Daniel Monroe says:

When are your angel wings coming back?

Jeffrey Clark says:

Awesome seeing you rock the 3.5MM Franco on the same day mine was delivered! All I can say is SHOP JACOJE and you will not regret a thing!!! SMASH SMASH SMASH smash

Therealtmac_ says:

I’m here to Karate smash that like button! Keep killing them bro!

Angel soto says:

Can you do an in depth review on the 4mm Cuban link ?

Matthew Duecker says:

Super clean SMASH.

Buckshot Chief says:

holy shit batman, those *are beautiful*

Sabrina Merrick says:

Love that 2mm eternity band ring….

c J says:

Would a 150-200 gram 14k chain be too heavy uncomfortable around the neck for you ?

King Wolf says:

Ooooohhhh but that Jesus piece tho

De'Von Bollinger says:

This is it chief

Daniel Taylor says:

They act like they saw a ghost if you ask about a scale lol, you’re not lying about that Brayden

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