Don’t buy a Morganite without watching this first!

Are you thinking of a Morganite? Are they hard to clean? Are they durable? Here’s your information to make an informative decision. (see my ring up close )


sandeep sharma says:

Very Informative. Thanks

marlisha james says:

I’ve fallen in love with the morganite stone! I’ve informed my boyfriend that my engagement ring must be morganite set in rose gold.

SammyJo CatLady says:

Nickle is used when jewelry is plated. Get solid gold or sterling silver and no problem. Also Whispers jewelry is guaranteed hypo allergenic and I swear by them. Never a reaction and I have to put nail polish on my jeans button to avoid a red spot.

Maharaj Pal says:

That’s a big stone

CarlyEH11 says:

I’ve been really loving a morganite stone with a rose gold band! thanks for this vid 🙂

PaperwormsCat says:

Stumbled on this video coincidentally, but I can’t go without saying that you are really cute. 😀
Have a nice day!

tranquility says:

They are measured on a mohs scale. I would suggest other companies outside of the usa. From what I have witnessed, foreigners charge a lot less and have better quality.
Of course some Americans are a exception to this rule. I will be getting a morganite but it won’t be from the us.
Created stones are better priced as well.
They are COP. The same Chemical, optical, and physical properties as the gyms that are formed from the Earth. The only difference is, they are grown in a lab instead of from the Earth.
Lab created is the same thing as a tree that grows from the Earth as opposed to a tree that you purchase seeds and grew it in your house initially.Both are the same thing the only difference is where they actually were formed.
Once morganites became a very hot commodity on the market, the price went through the roof. I do suggest purchasing from etsy, or Amazon from another country if usa prices are ridiculous.
There are some that are pink, without the peach appearance also. Just depends on what someone is looking for.

Michelle LaFaille says:

Oh and i bought it from amazon, didnt need to go to a jeweler

Mary Durst says:

Use denture tablets in warm water let set in solution till stops bubbling and water clears it will clean the stone safely rinse in cool water and air dry will sparkle like a diamond

Michelle LaFaille says:

I have to use a ultrasonic cleaner for my morganite, and it comes out great, i love mine so much, its my first one, i also got mine for my 20th anniversary ring and i just love it

Harmony HiX says:

Greag video! I requested a morganite engagement ring, and I’m feeling super excited!

Imtiyaz Hayat Imtiyaz Hayat says:

I am sailing by morganite contact me 8058097024 india

A Life Dreamed Deena Cook says: shows the ring up close.

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