Groove Life Silicone Ring Review

This is a great ring for people with and active lifestyle that want to protect their fingers. These are flexible, breathable, affordable and comfortable. They come in a ton of different styles so you can find the one you like most or have multiple for different occassions.

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harley davis says:

oh my god these rings are so stupid this guy for sure got paid to say good stuff or he’s related to the company in some way i mean seriously who the hell has problems with metal rings to the point where it’s vital to change it to a silicone ring i mean by all means wear what you want like this ring is not a miracle product and will not solve all your issues

Flint and Steel Survival says:

I tattooed mine on because I couldn’t wear one to work and I kept forgetting to put it back on. Tried the silicone route but it got wrecked in like 3 days at work. Tattoo is the perfect option for me!

Monkey J says:

These are one of, if not the dumbest things I’ve ever seen suckers latch onto, but a fantastic business model. Slap on a few trendy words to capture the attention of idiots while marketing then reproduce shit given away for free and sell it for $40 and Voila! Best of all the idiots that buy the shit are too dumb to even question the fact they’ve just paid $40 plus shipping for 1/8 the material they’d get in a $2 “live strong” bracelet, and effectively the exact same thing they could’ve gotten for free at a vape shop. We hoo! Groove rings!!! Mericaaaa

I carry my Revolver In single action says:

Ring Avulsion

Josh Ferguson says:

I have been looking at one of these for a while now. Due to my job environment it is probably a good idea. Thanks for the review! Good job as always.

Arthur3661 says:

I have had my gold ring on for 53 years. It use to be very loose until I lost it at work. So the next one was tighter BUT I did have it cut soldered in two different places and I have never had a problem. My brother in law did the work on it and I don’t know where he soldered it but he did do it in two different places.

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