GROOVE LIFE vs. QALO Silicone Rings / Honest Review of Drying & Breathability, Fit, Comfort & Styles

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In this video I compare the Groove Life and Qalo silicone rings. Groove rings are the world’s first “breathable” silicone ring, and in this video I test this claim. Check out the video the see the difference in drying between these two rings.

Silicone rings are a safer, more functional, and more comfortable alternative to traditional wedding rings. They stretch, flex, and can even tear away when caught on objects. This prevents ring avulsion, which is the separation of overlying finger tissue from underlying tissue when a ring gets caught on objects such as counters. This happened to Jimmy Fallon, and he almost lost his finger. Groove Life rings in particular prevent this problem because they are composed of two layers that separate under high tension. Additionally, silicone rings are great for the person with an active job or hobby. This includes rock climbers, cyclists, casual or full-time gym rats, outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, construction workers and the like.

Groove Life rings mostly come in a two tone pattern, where the inner color is different from the outer color. You can’t really see the inner color once the ring is one the finger, and it adds a edgy look to the rings. Groove rings also have an erased edge which helps with comfort where the edge of the ring meets the finger. Additionally, Groove Life rings have a 94 year “NO BS” warranty; this means they will replace the ring for any reason.

Groove Life rings do seem to stretch, and I recommend going down at least one size from your normal ring size. The Qalo Q2X I own seemed to fit a bit tighter, though I still recommend going down about 1/2 size for Qalo rings. Check out the Groove Life sizing cheat sheet guide linked below to nail the fit just right.

In found the Groove Life rings to be superior for several reasons. They dry much better, preventing shriveling and discoloration of the finger, they have an thinner profile and an “erased edge” that make the ring more comfortable, they have a 94 year warranty, and they have a two part design that allows them to separate under high tension (though Qalo also claims 19 lbs of force to break).


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10freshz says:

I’m not married but I liked this review! This is helpful info for when I’m looking for this kind of ring.

readyme says:

I am looking to get a ring. As a fireman I never wear my ring at work, but then usually forget to wear it off duty. I am wondering if the thin Groove ring would work better to keep the finger dryer, even more than the original wide version. I am curious how it would look on a guy’s hand.

Bob Rascoe says:

Thank you for this, very much. God bless.

My Outcast State says:

This looks like a great channel, I’m quite impressed by the production quality.

Better Life Reviews says:

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Wolfmaan says:

What a very awesome and well thought out an executed review. Thank you so much for putting this together.

Zed Rollins says:

QALO took my $27 and never sent my ring. Customer service is terrible. Never buy QALO

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