Groove Rings Review: Fad or Next-Gen Rings?

Groove Rings are silicone rings that are breathable and marketed as an alternative to metal rings. Are they just a fad or the rings of the future?

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Zeus The Masseuse says:

Silicone and rubber rings are great for tradesmen and athletes I feel. I’m an electrician and that’s why I wear a rubber ring. But it’s also good because you eliminate the possibility of “degloving” your finger. (Google at your own risk). I like it it’s my wedding ring for work or anywhere I go. I don’t care about a metal ring because they are expensive. I’d rather use that money for other things.

Lets Create says:


Hideki Shinichi says:

sooooo…. its roober band.

Clockwerk says:

I’d have never thought that hearing Lebron James White would make me laugh so damn hard.

Political Iron says:

The fact that you wore that one ring inside out shows that a 5$ silicone ring without the grooves does the same thing. I almost never take my cheap silicone ring off. For about 6 months, no smell, barely prunes, if it does at all, and no problems. Helps a lot in the gym lifting weights. You can buy 5-10 silicone rings for the price of one groove ring.

Demonic Akumi says:

I will never wear rings, but I do have to say if I had to pick a ring like that and like some engagement or wedding ring or whatever, I rather a $40 silicon ring that can come off easily and flexible and looks a bit more comfy than a shiny rock one that depending on the temperature can squeeze onto your skin… the avultion you mention… or someone seeing it and wanting to rob it off you.
Can’t think of many that would see something that look like a rubber band on your finger and say “HEY! THIS IS A STICK UP! GIVE ME YOUR MONEY AND THAT STYISH RING ON YOUR FINGER… it looks sooooo fabulous. It matches my eyes. *ahem* GIVE OR I’LL SHOOT!”

Zed orda says:

Sorry but you can’t say it has a good warranty without using it.

Met3lAngel says:

I think they’re more for safety purposes so they don’t get caught on anything but you probably shouldn’t wear it 24/7 like any other accessory. Personally though I think people should just get off their high horse and just not wear their ring at work if it’s such a hazard. It’s not a life or death situation.

Dan Collins says:

a waste of my time and yours.


No thanks I prefer the real thing no rubber sorry I ain’t liking them shits hahahahah

fem wynn says:

those are ugly af.

spida817express says:

It is a ring for idiots…The only “people” who buy this shit are the fringe folk.
They must be popular in SF and places like that.
Wow, cant believe people pay for this crap !!!

FOTZEL says:


Bawngtim Kh says:

They look cheap.

Ma Yang says:

When you’re a company and you see a review on your product, you get sweaty, you get scared, and you shiver. No company wants to have a bad review.

cornflkeboy1 says:

These rings are lacking any kind of fashion appeal, so what is the point of wearing them?

Paul Villamor says:

I was going to buy one but as soon as I found out that trump endorsed them then I 100% did not want that nasty ring anywhere near me. A narcissistic hateful president who isn’t mentally competent and lacks empathy? That is sick

angryagain68 says:

@ 1:34. I thought, “what is Rob Halford doing here”?

CriterionSuperFan says:

Time to go full beard bro!

Azztronaw says:

If my only option was to wear this ugly ass cheesy ring, I’d rather just not wear a ring. My guess is these are popular in places like Tennessee, Alabama Mississippi etc

Zed orda says:

Another product for morons.

Lavallalex says:

It just looks like rubber wrapped around your fingers

Topher Bec says:

FYI, never wear a titanium ring.

Harrison Hughes says:

Rings are usually meant to show wealth or power…

thunderfire741 says:

I think you should of also worn a traditional ring at the same time for a benchmark

Edwin Flores says:

I have a metal ring that I don’t use to often but the groove ring I use everyday. I had a friend that has gotten his finger degloved and at my job they train us about not having rings on when working.

David Bauer says:

Costs a Tenth of the traditional wedding band they said in the ad I saw? The wedding band I would buy costs $3,325
with the matching engagement ring being $14,700. So whats does the tenth cost?

William says:

These seem stupid and pointless. I see people saying “metal rings get caught in machinery ect” then just don’t wear a ring to work. The product looks stupid and it has no function

Hideki Shinichi says:

wearing a rubber band on my fingers is not my thing lol

Frank Allen says:

When you gain or lose weight and your wedding ring doesn’t fit it ain’t cheap to resize it and that’s not really a problem with these rings

slimkt says:

I understand the purpose of these (saw it first hand -no pun intended- a buddy of my dad’s lost a finger to ring avulsion when his wedding ring got caught on the side of a ladder as he was climbing down from a crane) but, honestly, at that price point, I think you’d be better off just not wearing rings.

wittness littness says:

I know what I’m gonna try & use it for 😉

Crystal Vrba says:

Next generation!

Jimmy Rowe says:

I’m gonna lose a lot of respect for an actual adult wearing these. Especially if they spent more than a buck on it. This is TACKY AF. If you can’t keep yourself from cheating on your ol’lady because you take your ring off to work or vacation, then you got bigger problems than 3 cents worth of silicone is gonna be able to solve.

Faizaan Khan says:

Ive made a conclusion ,these rings just make you better at ball thats about it

クリスタルですこんにちは私の名前は says:

Fad, why? They dont even look good lmao.

jay spence says:

It’s DUMB you want to pay for a plastic/rubber ring that allows air to flow through. But they look dumb and how about not wearing a ring

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