Here’s What Lab Grown Diamonds Look Like | CNBC

Lisa Bissell, Pure Grown Diamonds CEO, explains how technology has allowed for the production of diamonds identical to the ones nature makes.
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Here’s What Lab Grown Diamonds Look Like | CNBC


Bobbi Clinger says:

The prices for lab grown are finally coming down!

SuperJammygit says:

Yes but lab diamonds are man made and thats not real . They are copies . I can buy a perfect fake rolex cheaper and no one will know the difference., except me ,but thats not what i want

TheChupacabra says:

They are both worthless.

Lisa Adler says:

this is ridiculous diamonds are not rare they just have a monopoly on them

Jacob says:

You can’t say not a real diamond. It’s made from carbon! Plus I’d prefer a flawless stone on my jewelry.

Nicky Peiris says:

Russians make lab diamond too ! not zirconia or diamond coating! Price is high for the ones made in USA!

NinesOwnGoal TouchMe says:

Diamonds will only get cheaper.

thelionrawwwr1 says:

adjective: synthetic
(of a substance) made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product.

synonyms: artificial, fake, imitation, faux, mock

Patrick P says:

Which idiots would spend $23,000 or $40,000 to buy those stupid tiny pieces of rock?

Christian Ewing says:

omg it is a real diamond geez

Diana Atena says:

It makes sense that Lab Grown diamonds are at least half the price of natural diamonds because if they were any cheaper then people would not buy them. A natural diamond takes a billion years to form so it absolutely can not compare to lab grown.

Blue Savage says:

The news anchor must be getting paid by the people who sell “real diamonds”. Its the same thing.

BackToConstitution says:

The reporter is stupid! He keeps referring to the man made diamond as if it’s NOT REAL! It’s made of carbon, just like the diamonds made in the earth! What is so difficult to understand? He passes on a bias to listeners who can’t grasp the concept of carbon diamonds made by man and carbon diamonds made in the earth! Face it! We now know how to make diamonds and the price is coming down! The man made diamonds are better, they are perfect, as opposed to FLAWED! Which do YOU want? A flawed diamond, made in the earth or one that is grown perfectly by our own technology?

Shree Diamond Mfg says:

Visit my Instagram page for Natural diamonds I’d is shreediamondmfg I offering you Natural Diamonds for $90 up to $250 only 1 carat up to 2.50 carat rustic and salt and pepper white brown gray all colors , labgrown Diamond is not worthy which is showing you here for genuine Diamonds inquiry please visit my Instagram I be there for you.


Alex Tomev says:

They should start a fake mine to get full value for those synthetic diamonds. If they are identical except in origin why would they be happy with a 20k discount next to an earth mined gem.

Meg L says:

Diamonds are not rare. Lab grown diamonds should not cost as much as a real diamond this technology has been around.

rumandcoke32 says:

Nothing wrong with these diamonds. I’ve seen them up close and they really are brilliant.

jasper proctor says:

prices being held consistent vs the competition increaseing their price is equivalent to a long term reduction in price. no?


It probably costs 1000 to make

Beyonder says:

An ordinary people wouldn’t tell a difference between these and Cubic Zirconia “a cheap, good for environment and bloodless diamond”.

meow meow says:

how many company have licences to make lab diamond and good price ?

KatiushaVN4 says:

Farm-raised salmon will never be on par with wild-caught salmon. Period.

rekagy says:

Just a few months later: In May 2015, a record was set for an HPHT colorless diamond at 10.02 carats…..

happycanadianguy says:

Id always want a real one. i just purchased a flawless, colourless diamond mined from canada. located 200 km south of the arctic circle.

Bryan Glazer says:


Carbon Wits says:

I love lab grown diamonds, now get the fk out of Africa…thank you

clara1548 says:

Why were the interviewers so rude to her? Such snobs.

Leila Patterson says:

This is stupid people will eat farmed fish, meat and chicken. But can’t deal with a lab grown diamond? Lol

popinfresh says:

Depletion of resources? Diamonds are not as rare as the industry makes it out to be.

Prudie S. says:

That was a horrible side by side comparison lol

Rosanna Miller says:

The natural diamonds will always be worth more. Even though man will probably price theirs higher…

Morenob says:

0:30 illuminatie confirmed look at his right eye

david bean says:

But it’s a lab grown. It’s all about NATURAL

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