How To Buy “Bling” | Diamond Buying Tips for Dudes | Engagement Ring Shopping Tutorial

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Alpha has never been more confused and out of his comfort zone than when he bought his wife’s engagement ring. He had zero idea what to expect, what he was looking at, what it should cost, or if he was getting ripped off. Clarity, color, setting, budget!? He had no idea! All he wanted was a diamond ring!

In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro has teamed up with leading online diamond bridal jeweler to help viewers understand the diamond buying process including what you’re looking for, why you’re looking for it, and the different aspects of buying a diamond. Tips to save some cash are also given. The goals is to give you enough info so you know what you’re doing when you shop for some bling.

Alpha doesn’t understand the allure of diamonds. Women lose their mind over them, however. When’s the last time when you were sitting with your girl when she exclaims, “OMG, did you see the size of that ring!?”

Diamond Buying Basics

First, determine the diamonds shape. Alpha discusses each with a chart and recommends selecting ’round’ because it’s always in style & in vogue, and she’ll always love it. Other options are emerald cut , princess cut, heart, radiant, oval, marquise, asscher, and pear.

Next the four Cs are discussed:

Color – colorless is the best quality with near colorless next to the best (D,E,F,G,H). Slightly tinted, faint yellow, very light yellow, and light yellow round out the not desirable (I – Z).
Clarity – inclusions are spots that are out-of-place and less clear. The less inclusions, the more expensive the diamond. Alpha discusses with a chart (IF, VVS1, VS1, SI1, I1)
Cut – Alpha discusses the versions which dictate what the diamond looks like. The sparkle is more lustrous from the ‘ideal’ cut diamond: very shallow, shallow, ideal, deep, very deep).
Carat – the carat is the weight of the diamond and correlates to the size of the diamond.

The setting is the band and prongs that the diamond is set-in and can make the diamond look 20% larger. Buy what you can afford. Set your budget and upgrade later. Buying online can afford you a bigger diamond at a lower price.

Great Resource and Educational Tool

A great resource and educational tool is They have over 70K conflict-free diamonds to choose from. You set all of your criteria, such as diamond cut and clarity, and your results are revealed. shows you the actual diamonds that you can chose from with their HD 360° view of their diamonds– zoomed up to 40x magnification! They also have gem stones and wedding bands. Buying online with a site like is 30-50% cheaper than regular retailers. offers a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. Their sales associates are non-commissioned and available 24/7. Each purchase comes with a life-time warranty, and you can get your ring resized for free.


Isolde Evler says:

Lol, there are women who don’t like diamonds.

Auston Dowling says:

Diamonds are crazy expensive and over priced but when I asked my wife marry me I knew I had to get one, I used james Allen and it couldn’t of been better got a great diamond ring GIA certified diamond and customer service is great, of your gonna spend the money go with James Allen, it’s still not cheap but my diamond appraised for twice what I paid for it

mari.casey says:

Thanks for this great video. Check out these custom engagement rings at

Sarah Rodriguez says:

Agreed, I would prefer a round if not oval cut over anything else, they tend to sparkle the most.

EnigmaV8 says:

You forgot the one of the classiest cuts “cushion”.

topher says:

mr earings is supposedly alpha? lmfao okay…. he looks like a manlet with that used car dealer suit and pocket square to clean the cum off his face after his bf blasts him

Rajesh Kumar says:

I think online option is very good for every one. Where you can get lot’s of collection to choose single one. And there is lot of online website who offer you some discount and coupons like. Bluestone, PCjewels,, etc who save your pocket much more. So thumbs up for Online Jewellery Stores

lamaistyle says:

@1:21 if that’s your wife’s ring you did really well ! It looks like a 5 carat. I only have a 3 carat but hope to upgrade one day.

LoveMe,com says:

If someone would ever propose to me, any enagagement ring will do as long as the intention is sincere and it came from the one I truly loved.

Lone Warrior says:

Instead of buying rings, you could just make it from gold and silver coins. You can make it look like a 3 – 10 carrots from cheap gold and silver. Save your money gents.

Ranger TS says:

Thanks for the info!

Yoko F says:

My husband bought a 250 dollar engagement ring from ebay. It broke 2 months later (fake diamonds fell off and yellow gold changed color).
I asked my husband to buy me a better engagement ring and he told me “suck it up. Deal with what you have and fuck off.”
So I bought a nice engagement ring by myself with my own money…. I was sad and depressed…. So guys, please. I know engagement rings are expensive but it’s important for girls. If you really love her, go get the one she loves.

Hɪɢʜᴡᴀʏ Tᴇʀʀᴏʀɪsᴛ says:

Am I the only one that head bangs when this dude’s intro rolls?

Tricia Maestre says:

My Uncle was a jeweler and I thought you did a great job of giving the public info.

user 007 says:

an ad for the sheeple. first, you have to be a retard to get married, second, if you buy an engagement ring your are a fucking retard. unfortunately, the world is full of fucking retards.

Fit freak says:

no woman on the face of the earth is worth blowing thousands on a stupid ring. marriage is a brainwashing scam

Kim says:

Thankyou for the education

Secrete Jewelry says:

Love your video. Check out our blog on custom designing engagement rings at Secrete Fine Jewelry

Alfielle Z says:

you wore that suit 3 days ago

Abner T. says:

Video starts at 1:54

shavingculture says:

Rule 1 never buy diamonds online they can put a million pictures and videos never buy online because diamonds never gonna look the same in photos so you dumb telling them to buy it online you know better that is the most stupid shit to do people don’t listen to this idiot if you want a diamond go to the store

Michael Pace says:

If your engagement ring story is true you talked to a terrible salesmen lol.
I’ve been working in jewelry store for nearly 3 years, and you get my seal of approval. Just be careful with shopping online, make sure diamonds you buy are certified by a legitimate grading lab – GIA is the best.

doni petrucci says:


Ishita Chatterjee says:

I am a woman and I HATE DIAMONDS.
Too much bling. Nahhhh 😛

Ton Ton says:

Thankyou sir!
Actualy i have no idea about Diamond;-)

Sirjean5 says:

Exactly diamonds ain’t my thing too . Thats why I don’t like when people buy an expensive luxury watches like a Patek phillipe /Audemars Piguet and add diamonds on them . It spoils it and often look bogus and tacky ….

Jeniko says:

If you walk into a jewelry store, you are going to get ripped off.

Robert Atkins says:

The poor quality from James Allen, see for yourself

Hung Kit says:

Wife’s engagement ring??? I thought you were gay.

Shenell Dixon says:

wrong ring wrong guy

tyemaddog says:

f’n sponsored videos

Anthony Gomez says:

I thought this was for men jewellery like chains watches etc

Santiago Bryant says:

ugh rich ppl

Jason says:

Do you love me..or my money? Buy her a plastic ring and spend the money on ANYTHING ELSE!

SAM lleessaa says:

hey punk ass.
I can get on your tail 24/7 But no.

We coming.

TheSerenityJade says:

If you’re going for a rose gold setting, do not waste your money on a high color grade. A J is the highest you’ll need. An H actually looks better than an F in rose gold!!! The pink offsets the yellow.

Matthew Rider says:

Does a REAL “alpha male” even get into the trap of marriage???

M Vegas says:

Thank you sir

Martha Kuebler says:

=Find the Perfect Diamond Engagement Wedding Ring Set for Your Special Day

DJ Mario Santiago says:

Alpha in 2015 I was trying to save to buy a diamond and I found myself struggling with figuring out who to go to buy a ring from and learn about diamonds. I found James Allen and it seemed legit. months later I found your post on it and it convinced me that they were the best option. I spent more than a year going over diamonds, settings and on occasion chatting with their staff. Are they super friendly and non intrusive. they were supportive through every phase. I finally purchased a gorgeous diamond ring and am so pleased. she will get it in a few months. thank you again for this great post. I believe JA is the best value for money online retailer for diamonds.

Cody Dagutis says:

Just to throw my two cents in in response to some of the comments…Diamonds themselves are not rare however we are not talking about diamonds alone. We are talking about gem quality diamonds. Most diamonds mined are used in industrial settings for drilling etc… The whole diamond conspiracy thing with companies withholding diamonds to increase value is non-sense. True there are more gem quality diamonds in the world that are on the market but those diamonds can’t be sold to the public until they are purchased by a diamond cutter and sold to a distributor. Naturally the diamond cutter can’t buy another rough diamond until he/she has sold the one they just cut. That doesn’t even take into account the insane amount of labor/machinery costs associated with mining diamonds. It is all accounted for in the final retail price of that individual diamond. You also have to take into account the grading report. Depending on which of the 6 GIA locations did it it may or may not be accurate. your H might be a J to a more qualified grader. EGL is notorious for false gradings on diamonds. If you ever wondered why one H SI1 Ideal cut is $2000 more than one with identical marks it would be due to a color scale that we as consumers are not privileged to see. There are 3-5 levels of H color. All still considered an H but are not equal in quality. Diamonds are a very complex industry. Much more than most ever realize. Great video!

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