How to Choose a Wedding Ring (Type, Size, Fit, Shape)

Proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend is one of the most nerve-racking events a man will go through. Most guys spend a fair amount of time obsessing over engagement rings and trying to find the perfect one for their soon-to-be better half. But what about YOUR ring?

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I wear a 4mm Platinum, slightly curved, traditional fit wedding band in size 7.5. And if you have no idea of what any of that means, you will by the end of this video. We’ll cover types of rings, materials (metals, etc.), size, shape, profile, fit and width. Let’s get into it!

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drlatham22 says:

I also wear a 4 mm platinum ring. Platinum costs about 50% more than white gold, but the appearance and durability of platinum is worth the extra price.

LadyLucyla says:

I just like rings but i think if my boyfriend finds this in my browser history he will think i’m hoping for an engagement… not like i would mind….
By the way, what metals can be colored black without fading? I have black steel rings but the color is only a “coat” that starts fading at the edges after a few months.

Colin Ackerman says:

Platinum isn’t worth the look in my opinion. It will scratch and look exactly like sterling sanding wicked more expensive for not much better of a look. Gold will scratch too but not as bad for the maintenance. And the difference between Platinum and palladium isn’t that much. If you want a light ring get titanium, but it will scratch worst of all. And one important note which wasn’t mentioned that’s VERY important is that comfort fit sizes differently than standard fit. I am a 6.5 comfort fit and a 7.25 standard. And it’s not a standard between the two, I’ve seen a 2 size difference and a no size difference. Tungsten is nice but fragile like a ceramic plate and can’t be sized at all like cobalt, stainless steel, or titanium too. Just my 2 cents and then some.

biznakrivera says:

I like James Allen, just keep in mind every online retailer uses the same inventory of diamonds 🙂

Brian Nelson says:

Trying to find the same ring as Bradley Cooper wears in A Star is Born. Any help?


Please spend 1-2 hours with a divorce lawyer before you buy the ring.
If after all consideration everything is OK, happy marriage!

Ed Lee says:


aNsWeRkEy02 says:

how about two tone ring? gold and white gold? is it viable? so that I can match any metal (belt buckle, watch etc)

Jamal Wick says:

You a bitch we not getting married

Benoit Labrecque says:

100%… Yeay, shure

Bamaloo says:

I have a rose gold ring I really love it as I don’t like gold or silver

Jonathan Battiest says:

Rhodium typically last 1 to 5 years if you manage 10years without needing it refilled you don’t wear your ring


I hear there going to stop mining for platinum???… so our rings will be as valuable as moon

okönig says:

Just don’t get anything with a diamond if you’re not an idiot

yourlilemogirl says:

I went with a blue and white stainless steel for my future fiancé :3 I never noticed before just how plain, boring, and just outright ugly or unimaginative men’s rings were til I began my long search for his! I’m so glad nowadays there’s a few more options like crushed opals, glow in the dark pigments, antler, or even meteorite! It was hard to choose but I think being able to mix his favorite colors without the use of stones that may chip or fall out is perfect 😀

Staas Wolter says:

When I get married, I really want a 14K yellow gold 5mm smooth band.

Michel Sennett says:

Thanks for the ‘girlfriend or boyfriend ‘ in your opening paragraph. In Sweden, men and women also receive engagement rings. So it is very common to see married men with 2 rings on their left ring fingers.

Chris T says:

Brock is hot! I want Brock to give me a wedgie!

Shaun Leonard says:

Great, detailed video! I had no idea there were so many things to consider.

Michelle Howard says:

I proposed to my hubby first actually. On the beach in Cayocus
His is an alternate tungsten band, deep slate grey, craved edge and an engraving on the inside of the band, it reads “for all eternity” in a lovely old English script.

I’m very particular and artsy so I wouldn’t stand for something so plain for the character that is my hubby. He loves it- he noted that it was a perfect fit (I remembered his size from over a year prior lol)

Brandon Ford says:

Brock, if you don’t mind… Where did you get your wife’s ring?

Natalie-Claire L says:

My fiance and I loved this – thank you!

Andrew Clark says:

It’s pretty cool that you put your wife’s name on your ring. Also the way the you put the sponser is this video was very tactful. I’ve heard it can be hard not to look like a sellout to viewers, but also respect the brand you are promoting.

Leo Rivera says:

White gold is not made with rhodium. White gold consists of a blend of a few metal alloys and then is plated with rhodium. White gold can exist without rhodium but it would not have that silver-like luster.

AGentlemansJourney says:

Some of the comments are rather amusing to read. A few salty people.

Sun Wu says:

If a girl says yes to a ring pop proposal, she is wifey. Ring pop is the right choice.

Gaby Lara says:

For comfort fit rings do I need to go down half a size? I am a size 5 would I need a size 4.5?

Clint W says:

Just got mine and my girlfriend’s bands after watching this. Appreciated that you personally use this company and that their prices were excellent.

Simon says:

honey, for our wedding i got ourselfs a nice pair of rubber bands instead of wedding rings. how does that sound?

Mike McCleve says:

Great video. I wear a 10mm wedding band just because I like the look. Mine is hammered which is becoming a fairly popular design. There are also a lot of unique materials out there not mentioned in this video such as antler and meteorite but those are of course quite rare. Just spending 10 minutes skimming through google images can teach you a lot about how many different types of wedding bands there are out there. The options are virtually limitless, even for guys

MrJuggernautishere says:

Why bother buying a ring when you know she will eventually Divorce Rape you and may be cuck you as well during the process? #MGTOW forever

Austin Kim says:

Are you graying? How old are you?

Jovan Gauthier says:

This video came too late for my wedding, but the plain white gold band worked out pretty well for me. Especially since it was made by my mother-in-law’s friends who are jewelers!

E Moody says:

Nice video man! I went with a Tungsten metal with Red Oak Wood Inlaid and Bevels. I went with Tungsten for the durability.

Venus Dee says:

The only issue with a gold band, I feel you need a two tone or gold watch to match which is always more expensive. Watch guy here.

Teh Bez says:

I think with the Wolverine comment you’ll appreciate my geekiness.. I’m going for the the one ring from jenshanson I was just doing some research before taking the plunge. Thanks for the video!

kongmw says:

Getting married soon. Perfect timing.

Matt says:

I bought my wife’s wedding band and engagement ring from James Allen and the whole process was seamless. Even had to get it resized with no problems at all. Definitely better than all the brick and mortars.#CushionCut

PWF Rick says:

In your opinion, how important is it to match your wedding ring to your watch? Does wearing a silver watch and gold ring look okay?

Nikiaf says:

I actually never put any thought into the guy’s wedding band. This was 100% worth the watch and should help my decision making when the time comes!

Baron Kanter says:

Not exactly about the ring but can we talk about your nails? Do you go to a salon or do them yourself? They look great and I can’t ever seem to get mine to look halfway decent

asambi69 says:

Surely BROCK would choose some Rock type ring?. Maybe Onyx? Haha …..Kill me.

Rebecca Alexander says:

I have beginning to look at rings for my boyfriend. This will help. Out of curiosity, how can I sneakily figure out his ring size if he doesn’t typically wear or have any rings?

Wayne Paul says:

I went brushed gold with metallic edges. I love it

TheOneYouFear 1 says:

Wow, this is an original topic I haven’t personally seen many youtubers who focus on men’s lifestyle talk about this. Good job finding an untapped topic (at least I haven’t seen many other youtubers cover it)

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