Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher’s Wedding Rings Are From Etsy – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Mila & Ashton didn’t want to break the bank with their rings, so they found some a great deal online.

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Ebubekir Mutlu says:

I can hear Meg but i can’t see her.

Yo Momma says:

$90 dollars for some wire??? Wtf.

Michael Briggs says:

Couldn’t have been that bad..,

Evan Price says:

Wow i wonder if this will end in divorce…


It will!

Last Gaurdian says:

I don’t find her attractive because every time I hear her voice, I picture meg griffin

Eli Trixx says:

Can’t stop thinking of Meg while she’s talking

Alex says:

all i hear is meg

umar rizwane says:

she has an amazing personality and is drop dead gorgeous

Nicholas Dickens says:

Sensible lady. Better than some vacuous, shallow, gold digger. The commitment they make is not measured by how much the ring cost. I’m glad she’s so down to earth and her husband too.

Krystle Matos says:


photondance says:

There’s still time to change your mind, Mila. I would make you a ring, for zero dollars.

Larisa Bracamontes says:


Linkous says:

Wow she looks older these days

Lord Cutich says:

shut up meg

Stephanie Lewis says:

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Ahmed al-hashim says:

you are angel

Shelby Pedri says:

My wedding band is plain. I wanted it to match my husbands. My engagement ring is beautiful and my husband did an amazing job. But I love that my wedding band is simple.

KYL0R3X says:

Shut up, Meg

Stephanie Lewis says:

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Cindy Liu says:

Ok I think this is super cool and down to earth but isn’t there something about how a cheaper ring can’t withstand daily wear for like 70 years?

iukopkl says:

no one cares

Francisco Delarosa says:

Mila Kunis is The One who does meg’s voice in Family guy.

Spark 515 says:

So awesome Guess ill grab a bottle of Jim beam ton

Coffeekupp says:

watching this with your eyes closed just sounds like Meg if she was actually succesful

Platinumhits123 says:

She looks like meg from family guy

IX M3RK OPS 3 XI L says:


Sebastain Vernotico says:

shut up meg

WrittenInBlood Gaming says:

Shut up meg

Stephanie Lewis says:

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Kobayashi King says:

Shut up meg.

kittendivine1 says:

I can really appreciate this. It’s often so shocking, ridiculous and wasteful if you hear how much rich people spend on things.

Ataur Rahman says:

milia you are so cute and beautiful

Brianna Bush says:

I aspire to be like her someday.

Guilherme Soares says:

shut up meg

Vamanos Ninja says:

I love Etsy!

Rigoberto Hernandez says:

This is an example of a women..
If alll.women were like her there would be husbands in love till deathdue them.apart

Lopertiu YT says:


Aaron's Ghost says:

Shut up Meg.

Jaana Syme says:

she wears black in every interview, and honestly, i would too. she looks gorgeous in it

Suzanne K says:

19 or 90 dollars?

Gabriel Moline says:

Conan always trying to make it about himself. You wouldn’t see Fallon being so desperate.

Lovina Fahrues says:

Love her

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