My Minimalist Wedding | Why I Chose a Forever One Moissanite Ring | Forever One Moissanite Review

Hey, guys! Here is the first installment of my “My Minimalist Wedding” series! I have been wanting to talk about why I chose moissanite for my engagement ring with my fiancé, and I wanted to show others looking into the Forever One Moissanite brand what a ring set with it looks like! When I was looking, there weren’t a ton of Forever One Moissanite reviews, so I think this could be helpful. 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video as always! I know the decision which gemstone someone picks for their engagement ring is so personal, and I hope that comes across in the video. I always like to be as transparent as possible in where I choose to go “more minimal” in my decisions.

For me, a diamond would have meant that my fiancé would have had to put hard earned money into something other than a home, and even though we love our tiny apartment— we truthfully want to own a home together more than anything!

For us, a forever one moissanite was the best value initially, but the stone has surpassed all of my expectations and I am TRULY in love with my ring! I hope this helps you if you are beginning your minimalist lifestyle, or are thinking about choosing a forever one moissanite!

Some more information about moissanite:
Moissanite Education:
Moissanite vs. Diamonds:
The history of the Marketing of Diamonds:

There is a TON more info about moissanite and diamonds, you guys! I am only scratching the surface. I have nothing but love for all of you, whether you chose diamond, moissanite, or any other gem stone. I simply wanted to say why I chose moissanite, and how it has fit into my minimalist lifestyle!

xoxo -Barnetta


Michael DeFiore says:

Is this a Rose Gold setting? Where did you buy this from?

cbenit19 says:

It’s so beautiful. Where did you get your ring?

susan hoang says:

I have a morganite and it is beautiful. However, it chipped with only having it for 6 months. My fiancé and I want to change the stone for my ring and was thinking about going with a moissanite. Did you purchase yours online or in store, and where?!?! Your ring is gorgeous!

Laura Barkovitz says:

It’s a lovely ring and obviously makes you happy, which is what’s important. I chose not to have an engagement ring and instead we invested the money in our first home. After 25 years of marriage, I have never regretted that decision.

Melissa Dawn says:

Thank you for making this video! There aren’t a ton of real-life testimonies about Moissanite that don’t come from the companies themselves because it seems to be such a well kept secret! Your ring is beautiful! 🙂

I was just wondering if you had a positive experience ordering with moissaniteco? I have read a lot of mixed reviews about quality/customer service aspect, which has made me hesitant to get too attached to anything (although I could so so easily find something I love on their website).

Robin Searcy-Henson says:

I do have a (small) diamond in my wedding set, but I stopped wearing those rings altogether 20 years ago due to constantly banging the high setting into things and damaging the gold. Bought myself a plain gold band, which I still love, but sometimes I want to switch it out for rings with pretty gemstones. My CZs don’t have much clarity and I’d like to find a more believable alternative in possibly an eternity band style. I dont know anything about Moissanite but your ring is stunning and you made a beautiful choice! I completely agree with the logic of putting that money towards a home!

Kristen_Laura says:

Great video! I’ve been with my boyfriend a while now and I was looking at all different types of engagement rings from diamonds to gemstones and I came across the moissanite and fell in love. I love how it is not only beautiful but ethical. Best of luck to you and your fiancé! ❤️

Ashley Caldereous says:

I have a moissanite and I love it! Got it for almost the same reasons you listed here. Awesome value (so I could get a bigger stone), lots of shine and sparkle, and totally didn’t want to buy into the marketing that’s gone into diamonds.

MKyleigh Asper says:

Loved this video! Just out of curiosity and for size reference, how big is the stone? And what size ring do you wear?

Abby Romero says:

It’s beautiful!

erika90 says:

Wow! I love your ring. Would it be possible for you to link to the ring you have, or provide the description/dimensions? Your band looks like the exact width/look I’ve been trying to find. Thanks!

cynthia green at heart says:

I never heard of that ring it’s pretty and I feel like it shouldn’t matter who has the biggest diamond ring .What matters is the person who wants to be with you for the rest of your life.

Gary Cameron says:

Hay I have a moissenite too!!

Mariel Calder says:

Such a beautiful ring!

Vani says:

Hi! Great video. My boyfriend and I are also going with moissanite. your ring is beautiful. Do you know if your stone is the Forever One colorless or near colorless?

ChrisDSX says:

Moissanite is better in everything except hardness… so if the fire, clarity and value is better why ignore that? I bought my wife a diamond it was stolen but this time around I discovered moissanite… I like them better, because objectively it does the job better… if I was filthy rich I might still go moissanite because of the fire.

samandlayla says:

I love my moissanite wedding set. It’s beautiful and it has many more amazing qualities that make it so special.

sammy11232003 says:

your ring is very pretty but there is no fire to it. i want a ring with lots for fire no matter what kind of lghting i have only ever seen one ring that ever did that

BellaDiLo317 says:

The only reason I have a diamond is because my mom had one she didn’t use anymore after she upgraded her ring! I probably would have done an Old European Cut Moissanite if I didn’t get the diamond!

Katherine Murphy says:

My stone is an aquamarine and whilst I LOVE it I am irritated at times with the high setting catching on little threads or towels ect. My ring is 14 years old and I always smile when I look at it.

Gary Cameron says:

I got one same reasons u did!

Jenny Madison says:

you have a beautiful ring, I love it. I love my diamond ring but one thing I wish I hadn’t gotten was an actual wedding band. I don’t really like the one I chose originally and I have actually stopped wearing it and keep it in our safe and just wear my engagement ring. If I had it to do again I wouldn’t have gotten one because I feel like having one ring to symbolize our marriage like my husband has is more than enough. I have heard of other women doing the same too and my husband doesn’t mind so it works out. I actually also have a silicone band that I switch out and wear when I work out and I recommend that as well.

baileyannaaa says:

SO happy for a new wedding series! Love love love moissanite!

Just Jayne says:

My favourite colour has always been green, so my hubby chose an emerald engagement ring ♥️

lydia mckinney says:

Your ring is SO beautiful! I just love moissanite. Did you get yours from moissaniteco? 🙂

j3zzuhkah says:

I have a rough cut diamond engagement ring that was handmade by an artisan in Seattle. Definitely not your typical diamond, but I’m not into being typical. Great video, looking forward to more!

Jade Brown says:

I love moissanite and diamonds but at the end of the day they are just something pretty to look at. They have hardly any utility at all as you can wear a plain band to signify your marital status. So I chose moissanite because I don’t want to drop so much money on a ring. I still haven’t purchased a home yet!

Karen Hill says:

Personally, I am not interested in having a large wedding (leaning towards eloping) and have always been intrigued by diamonds. BUT the savings of moissanite are incredible and the seem fairly indistinguishable from diamonds to most unless they are being held side by side. I am honestly torn on what to do.

chempanda says:

Very pretty! if I find myself a good man, I would choose something like that but with color.

The World According To Lisa says:

Is yours with rose gold

lazyla27 says:

I was watching your closet tour video, and noticed your ring – was thinking how pretty it is. Anyway, for anyone who doesn’t know, the only reason diamonds are so expensive is because the industry holds back the supply of diamonds, therefore, making them SEEM more valuable – they create illusion that there is not enough supply and immense demand. Really, the more valuable stone is a sapphire. I think it’s great that you have decided to go with a gem other than a diamond. I actually wish I had gone with a color stone. Enjoy your ring – congratulations – lots of luck planning your big day, and beyond. Oh, also, I think it’s the setting that makes the ring – your’s is very pretty. I have a little under 1 karat diamond, and most often the complement I get is on the setting.

Laksita Wijayanti says:

arhhh, i’m happy when met people who not ‘diamond mindset’, there are a lot of beautiful gemstones other than diamond. Its beautiful ring n stone Barnetta. My fav is tsavorite garnet.

Brittney Ross says:

New subbie!!! This is so helpful and you’re ring is absolutely beautiful!!!

Juante Wall says:

Hi there! Love your ring! If I may ask, what size is the stone?

alifoenally says:

very beautiful ring

melissa syer says:

I want ur ring. where can I get it?

nalodelyk says:

I got my fiancee a Forever One moissanite ring, and she loves it! I agree with what you said about the marketing campaigns regarding diamonds. Not only that, but companies like De Beers artificially inflate the prices, so I decided not to buy into that whole system of diamond marketing. Plus, a moissanite from a lab is guaranteed to be ethically sourced, and you don’t have to pay extra for one without flaws, because every moissanite that gets sold is flawless!

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