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Everly Rings:

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At1WithMe says:

I am blessed to find someone who agrees with my thoughts. I refused to put my family in financial distress for a ring. Because of how I think, I’ve been able to upgrade frequently over the 21 years of my marriage. I subscribed because I like the way you think.

Tiphanie Hall says:

Soooooo loved your video sis and s/n you do not have man hands.
Going through things within my own marriage, my perspective on the importance of the ring started to change also. It all comes down to this… What is a ring, if your partner or spouse isn’t healthily loving you, faithful and committed to you? You’re not entering into a marriage with the ring, you’re entering into marriage with the person. The ring doesn’t bind you/keep you together, nor guarantee longevity, or automatically come with those key attributes. And at the end of the day, I’d rather have a man have and exhibit all of those qualities rather than having an expensive ring or even a ring at all.

Ladi Lovely says:

Yaaaasssss marriage is the bond not the band! I’m going to have to look into this company cause my 7 yr anniversary is next month. My wedding band was $100 from Walmart. So honey trust me it’s not even that serious for me. But I do want a set. Your ring is beautiful!!

The Stinson Crew says:

That is a beautiful ring. I still have my original ring from 14 years ago and it was bought at a pawn shop for maybe $100. Hey what was that b&b you went to last year?

GrowWithNiki Gaga says:

Beautiful ring. I agree that the ring doesn’t mean anything no matter how expensive it is. The marriage is what matters.

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