People Guess Cheap Vs. Expensive Engagement Rings

“I feel like this is a trap already.”

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Petite Prong Diamond Ring Preset with 1 carat diamond
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Brilliant Earth
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shope is my lifeu says:

I would rather be with a beautiful person, than own a beautiful rock

Anwen Brown says:


UptownRepresentative says:

The problem is that people are being told that diamonds are rare. They’re really not. Like not at all. Certain kinds of diamonds are very rare and they cost insane amounts of money. Pink argyle diamonds are the worlds most valuable diamonds. Diamond companies make insane amounts of money by pointing out that they come from conflict-free zones, because it attracts your conscience. The diamond game is a scam.

Cam Sears says:

I love Brilliant Earth. My fiancé got my ring from there. It’s a yellow sapphire with a platinum band.

booboobrinn says:

maybe i need to how my mr this video lol x

Mary Morales says:

My partner knows that if he is going to spend that much money on something for me it better do something cool. Rings. Don’t. Do. Anything.

A girl named Paige says:

I’ ve never had an engagement ring and I have been married for 22 years. I didn’t need it. My wedding band is a simple silver band. Matches my hubby’s band. <3

Jieva says:

these salty singles in the comment section smh

Eunice Beatrice Braga says:

I’m gay but I gotta say the guy next to Niki looks fine. What’s his name? Also, Devin and the guy she sat next to seemed so chill. I actually hope this group would be in more videos together.

belinda z says:

“if my girlfriend is watching this… not yet but soon” SO CUTE

Mojann says:

What is that Josh guys full name! He’s not in a lot of videos but he’s so funny

Angel Aung san htay says:

I love love rings

Pallavi Sanyal says:

I’d prefer conflict free diamond substitutes than diamonds. Diamonds, even when “conflict free”, are just a myth of marketing, their prices are artificially jacked up and the whole history is fraught.

helios0705 says:

Funny how the Brilliant Earth diamonds shown in this video were recently exposed for being sourced from india like any other typical diamond.

Izzy Bell says:

Who need a diamond ring when you can just give your bae a ring pop? It’s stylish, inexpensive, and you can eat it… what’s not to like?

Chantal Said says:

my wedding rings are silver with CZ. People always compliment them. CZ is super shiny, and both cost about $60! I think get whatever makes you happy. You can even get wooden rings now!

Shaney Zamora says:

Its so funny how all the rings have names by the end of the video

Rhonnie Stairwalt says:

why does the cost matter? Hell! why does it have to be a diamond? There are so many prettier and less expensive stones out there.

Nefertiti Negus says:

Diamonds are literally worth nothing.

lilian makori says:

I want a gaudy wedding ring someday.

NGMonocrom says:

Actually, they’re all worthless since diamonds are as common as dirt on planet Earth. But the diamond brokers intentionally create an artificial short supply of them. They’re literally shiny rocks.

Akatsuki Deidara says:

I wanna big house big cars and BIG RINGS

xXPusheenDaCatxX says:

My mother and father don’t have diamonds on their rings and their rings are beautiful <3

Leesa Lazaro says:

My moms ring cost 6,000



Virginia Sanchez says:

Mine won’t even have to be a ring.
A necklace would be fine, preferably a matching pair of cross necklaces.

Who ever gets this, I’ll give you a candy.

II TheCupcakeMonstah II says:

They should have put a surprise proposal in this video…

Dark83Noodle says:

RIngs… Biggest bs

Bunny Bustard says:

You could get me one of the 25 cent, gumball rings and if I love you, I’ll still say yes.

Tommy Atkins says:

Reason why I unsubscribed

Blue_ Moon says:

I was expecting the most expensive ring to be wayyy more expensive than $7,200!!

ChaseliketheBank 420 says:

I’d take any ring, it’s what the ring signifies that truly matters.

Lily Magana says:

:0 honestly, I feel that I’m the only one that doesn’t care for the price of the diamond and the wedding ceremony. I’d rather save that money and put it towards a house.

bangtan oniondan says:

i want big cars, big house and big rings but i don’t have any big dreams

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