QALO wedding ring review

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The Good of the Land says:

I’m so glad you did a review on this! I was thinking about getting one of these to wear when I’m in the lab, gym, or working around the property where I wouldn’t want to get my ring dirty. I’m happy to hear that “MAMA” Texas is happy too! 🙂 Amy

Bubbas Garage Vlogs says:

Wow that’s really cool Papa. Didn’t even know they made such a thing.

Birute00 says:

That’s an awesome ring! Looks nice on your finger too

Lost On Land Again says:

Very cool! You did a good job on this review Papa!

Daniel, God is my judge says:

Krypton-night , to keep all your groupies away!!! lol

DriveShaft Drew says:



38 moons for me . LOL

Guitstik Kustoms says:

I might have to look into this as I haven’t worn my wedding ring for 28 years now.

ellen fisher says:

Gotta keep the ‘little woman’ happy. Great job!

The Peeping Egg says:

My husband has the same problem with the knuckle, so he hasn’t worn one in ages (and I’m always out playing with knives & ferro rods these days lol so I don’t wear one either). Very original review!!!

The Texian Patriot says:

We were talking about the jewelry issue that day that I was over there visiting.

heath schwab says:

That does sound cool. I liked my wedding ring but yes when my hands would swell little hated it. But not married so don’t need but so cool. Thanks I’m gonna go look any way god bless

Foreversinging5 says:

Lovely ring PAPA! Great review, liked! Have a wonderful evening!

Red Panda says:

That’s awesome PAPA 🙂

Bama girl Amy says:

Great ring papa

Douglas Fairchild says:

I subbed to ya good channel

Southern Food Junkie says:

I had thought about getting one for myself. I remember seeing ads on Facebook when they were sold online only. I now see them in stores. I think I seen the guys that started it on some show talking about it. I think they were weight lifters or something and talked about how their rings got in the way. I am glad you did the review to let everyone know how comfortable they are. I wondered myself if they were. Great video Papa!

lonestarrider says:

When Mama ain’t happy, nobody ain’t happy! Great Review PAPA And Thanks For Sharing My Friend! Would have been great to have during my FireFighter/Paramedic days. Couldn’t ware jewelry back then.

Danai Moraiti says:

Awesome! Enjoy your day! ♥

Trey Ezell says:

and it wont set off metal detector good deal my friend thanks for sharing

Jim 54 says:

thank you beautiful sharing, hello from France, like 16 jim

Carolina Man says:

Thanks I’m going to check into this

ZJ YOUNG says:

Great review!

txsviking says:

Now that’s different.

Iridium242 says:

Nice ring, I had to take mine off when I was working in a gun shop, it got caught on everything, this would have been perfect for me back then!

Wallace Vivian says:

that’s cool

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