Review Of The Groove Tactical Silicone Ring

Coach Helder reviews the Groove Tactical Ring and explains why it is his new, go-to, wedding band.
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LPAFFF says:

Exactly the comparison and type of review I was looking for. Thank you so much for this, brother.

Tiffany Franks says:

Mine is actually on its way as of today I am so excited my husband is a firefighter and he has the wood that is banned for 10 years I’ve been out with mine for at least eight due to the fact that it got stolen so I’m really excited about receiving a groove ring

Luke Anderson says:

I just ordered one yesterday and I can’t wait to get it!

Sam Brandt says:

This is the first I am hearing about a “Silicone Ring” when i read the title of your video I wasnt sure what it could so. So I have to ask, and with all due respect, Why is this a “Tactical Ring? I have a hard time believing a woman is going to give up a diamond for a rubber ring. As for what a guy needs from a ring. The ONLY reason I can think of for wearing rubber or silicone is if you are in avionics or some form of electrical work. I remember many briefings we had in the USAF on the evils of metal rings and people loosing their fingers or having them fried. But since this ring is “Just” a ring why say its tactical? really curious. By the way i do not wear rings or watches or anything on my hands. Granted I am not married but just the same I still dont see a need for a rubber ring.

Barbara Kraus says:

Bought the Groove life rings first for my husband cause he needed something for work but he didn’t like the case cause it looked like a receicled altoids box so I just got him another one with an awesome wooden case from Adler + Brent on Amazon.

sheena mullens says:

I have a broken weeding finger will it stretch a tiny bit to go over the broken grove? # I’m the husband using the wife’s YouTube

A USA says:

Great info, I love mine

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