Safety Tip – Silicone Rings Reviewed and Compared (ROQ vs Vitalius)

I wanted to try a silicone ring instead of my gold wedding ring as a safety precaution. I work with my hands all day doing everything form cooking to construction to beekeeping to gardening. My main injury concerns are: Ring avulsion, bee stings, and electric fence burns. I searched the web for rings and found prices ranging from $12 to $30 (USD) PER RING and decided to look for a better deal. I found two cheaper alternatives to the popular silicone rings on the market. I purchased a 4 pack of ROQ rings and 3 pack of Vitalius rings and found them to be very comfortable and durable.

UPDATE: The pruning went away after about 2-3 weeks of regular wear. I’ve been wearing the same black ROQ ring from the video for 3 months solid and my finger has totally adjusted to the ring. I don’t know if the skin under the ring just got used to the ring or if the ring has stretched a bit, but the pruning has disappeared. Highly recommend the ROQ rings.

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ROQ 4 Pack:
Vitalius 3 Pack:

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Hazel Hazelton says:

Do NOT google ‘ring avulsion’. >.<

Sue Edom says:

Just be careful as you will get dermatitis if they stay wet under the ring.

Julee James says:

Very interesting- thanks for the review –

Zates says:

I degloved my finger years ago. Wished I’d invented this new ish phenomenon. I support silicone! Good review.

Dan Berry says:

I’ve known several people who have had fingers ripped off. one person pulled out the muscle up to his elbow.

many may not agree with my next comments, (nor will spouses) but the ring is not what makes you married (just look at society as a whole and the prevalence of infidelity). Leave the rings in the jewelry box. Wear them when going out or to church or nice places.

marcvought says:

Solid review. Thanks.

jo han says:

A jeweler can even stretch your solid gold/silver/metal ring to a size or half a size bigger if your fingers have grown a bit since the time you’ve married.

Grape Ape says:

I’ve had the same problem, being a mechanic I have hung my ring on bolts and stuff. Silicone rings are a good idea. Here’s another suggestion, check out tattoo wedding bands, some look great and you can cover it with a wide metal ring, when going out on the town for a more classy look.

Christian Spichiger says:

so, shall we now prupose with an amazon silicone ring?

Juan Alvarado says:

I been wanting to try those thanks for the review

Sandra Boldiston says:

size wise you need to go go a size bigger for wider rings.

Michael B says:

Great video! I’ve seen ring avulsions from the simplest things. Even a mild injury can take a long time to heal. I only wear mine when going out or for work when the risk is low.

DaDaDaddeo says:

I thought I saw a silicone ring when watching your bee videos. I started wearing a silicone ring 2 years ago. I’m a guitarist and I also do a lot of mechanical work at home. I now cannot imagine anymore wearing a metal ring when working. I almost got a ring tattoo until my wife and I discovered the silicone option.

I’m not sure why you have the “prune” issue. I have not had this happen and I have my ring a bit more snug.

Scott K says:

you have very small hands, sir. i’m sure you are well aware though.


Jimmy Fallon fell, caught his ring on a table I think it was and ripped his finger off. He still favours it. Great idea silicone rings.

Todd Freeman says:

I was waiting for a slight of hand magic show 😉

Grant Tabor says:

Just don’t mess with bees or any mechanical stuff wearing a ring. Done it with my bees and had to get the ring cut off at ER cuz the finger was turning blue, did it twice more (Ok I don’t learn fast) when working an on engine and got hand stuck to where they wanted to take a torch to things to get it out. Take off all jewelry when working on equipment or with bees.

jam jam's says:

better watch it you might get like trench foot  but  it would be trench finger

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