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Silicone wedding rings are a great solution to scratching your baby, swimming and many other reasons. Knot Theory Coupon Code down below!
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Kait Wipf says:

I literally haven’t had my wedding ring on in almost 5 years. I have a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 7 month old. I got so sick of scratching my kids I just stopped wearing it. My husband got me one that doesn’t have any parts sticking out, it’s just a microwaved ring, that was about $50 on Amazon so if we are going out I wear that instead. It’s equally as beautiful, but no more hurting the kids!

Candice Waymon says:


Carolyn Harmon says:

I have never scratched either of my babies. But the reason for this is my Husband and I only lasted about a month wearing our rings because neither one of us were used to wearing rings and we just stopped wearing them.

Kym Weinzirl says:

I just got a few cheap plain wedding bands, they aren’t much more expensive and look way better than the silicone one. I have for when I swelled during pregnancy and one I wear everyday. I beat up my nice ones and have even lost a few prongs on my engagement ring.

Frances Goodin says:

I have also dealt with scratching my kids when they were babies. I decided to buy just a plain gold band. I wear that most of the time, but I still wear my wedding rings for special occasions. My kids are 5 & 7 now and I still wear my plain band. I like the different colors of the silicon bands. Very cute.

meganpassailaigue says:

I love your hair here! Looks good!

Living Even Keeled says:

I do deal with this! I often only wear my wedding band and not my engagement ring because I do feel like I scratch my babies. I never used to take them off at night but now I do (since babies).

Making It Work Vlogs says:

my wedding ring is completely stuck on my finger lol
i gained weight and so did my finger ;(

misaki covington says:

love it

Angela Garrett says:

I myself have never had this issue, however my husband is firefighter and this is what he wears. There’s a thing called “de-gloving” (don’t google it lol)

TMC says:

I had the same problem with my now 16 and 11 year olds and there was nothing then but to get a tattoo lol! An my husband is a electrician an also works in the automotive repair business and weld’s he has burned his finger bad an melted his ring on him an had a friend have his finger cut off with his ring while working so my husband stopped wearing his! I seen these an had to get some love the colors an everything!! I got a gray an my husband wanted black! I love them can’t even feel them on GREAT!! I wanted ours made in USA I got ours off eBay an had free shipping in all I payed $14.98!!! GREAT DEAL an when I want other colors I can just order more I LOVE THAT BECAUSE I CAN NEVER MAKE UP MY MIND!! Haha

Momma2thewilds says:

Gosh I thought I was the only one scratching and hurting my baby with my ring! Also my husband is told to take his ring off often at work due to loosing a finger if the ring is caught but he could wear this for sure. I’ll be getting 2 of these!

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