Tungsten Carbide for Wedding Rings? Why Not?

I wanted something different when I got married. Everybody has gold, and if they don’t like gold, they get ‘white gold’. But why? White gold isn’t gold colored, so it may as well be steel. So I looked around. Being a carpenter, I use a lot of carbide tipped tools. I thought it would be a great symbol for my everlasting love to my wife. It takes a beating, and has a nice solid feel. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of something different for the wedding day….or just for wearing around town.

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carpo719 says:

Tungsten is heavy, and feels smooth and right on the finger.

Casey Worthing says:

Thanks man, I just ordered a tungsten carbide ring and I’ve been wanting to see what it looks like after some wear and tear.
I love how it looks when worn.

SOLID says:

hmm so it gets ‘silver’ overtime? I mean, it loses that ultra shinny look then, quite disappoiting 🙁

carpo719 says:

haha, yeah, I don’t think so, but maybe. I know they used some metal they got balanced at the right weight. I tell people about that, and they just laugh. Not realizing how hardcore it is to rip off CHINA!! lol

SRT8Driver says:

‘marriage is never about the cost of the ring’ ?? in what universe? let’s be real here! LOL, oh that’s funny considering the first thing a fiance does it run to her girlfriends to brag about the COST and the DIAMONDS in it…FIRST THING…2nd is running off to the Jewelers for an appraisal…

try giving her a cigar band to represent ‘your commitment’ and see what happens hehe

1Dub79 says:

I have a tungsten carbide ring. It’s, as good, as advertised. I work with my hands, daily. No scratches and the ring shines, flawlessly.

Chilcotin Buddha says:

very cool idea
we went with silver rings for the ceremony but have infinity symbols tattooed on our ring fingers as well as the Sanskrit equivalent of ‘soul mate’ on our wrists.

carpo719 says:

No shit? I almost went with titanium. But May 1st? really? You do know I also got married on that date?

Bernadette McMaster says:

Yes, it’s a brilliant idea!

carpo719 says:

Mayday, 2012 😉

carpo719 says:

lol…yeh, I saw that after I posted the comment 🙂

antiswattt3 says:

i saw one guy attach a round wooden plate to a machine that spun it around (not sure about the name of this machine, usually has spinning stone on it) and he added some material with fine hard particles to the wood as it was spinning, some metal oxide microparticles, if you really wanna polish something up you would want some ultra hard particles, very fine and then copious times running this over the ring, he used that stuff for perfecting his knives edges making them razor sharp

H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X says:

Alloys which contain Tungsten, Titanium and Chromium are primarily used in jewelry intended to be worn by men. Probably because those metals are considered, for lack of better word, tough. But such materials aren’t just tough, they also have a timeless quality about them which I feel is very appropriate, symbolically, for something like a wedding ring. Such a ring is virtually indestructible and will last for eons to come. If that’s how you feel about your love, it’s a perfect choice.

WithCas says:

Great video!
Where did you purchase your ring?

RowdyRoddy100 says:

Had mine for over 4 years.  They are good to go.  Only thing harder than Tungsten is a Diamond.

carpo719 says:

I can get it polished again, I also like the shiny one. But the aged look is growing on me!
Much love-

Buck Buckley says:

I’m one of those people whose skin turns green under the ring if I wear gold. I’ve never liked gold, I like the silver, The ones with the number 9 stamped on them, I think. I got most of my rings in TJ. Not too well versed in metals and jewelry but sure am digging the ones you have. I like Irish rings like the Claddagh with the crown, heart and hands to express loyalty, love and friendship.

stvynix says:

I totally get it… if you can’t tell it’s white gold, then get steel, then there’s no hype. I got the gold colored tungsten. I just like gold.
Good point! 🙂

carpo719 says:

I am not religious either, and I used to think marriage was a scam for suckers…. The contract part means nothing to me, as I know my wife well enough to know she would never wrong me. But we have been together 15 years now, and after careful consideration I realized marriage is not about the paper, or the wedding, or the priest.it’s about dedicating your love in the way our community recognizes. And a special day to show your love to one another. We had no priest, just an officiant. Very small

reveritus says:

interesting metal, i will examine it further

I May says:

Great video. Thanks for the info!

Evan Bell says:

“Tungsten carbide is a very hard metal.”
It is not a metal.


this is getting weird. i’m more and more finding kindred souls. =)

Chilcotin Buddha says:

that was to Johns comment where he sez ‘the ones with the number 9 stamped on them’

Slovak Redneck says:

i have had tungsten wedding ring.lost it day before wedding.that is just me….

RMAffiliations says:

So I’ve been watching a lot of knife sharpening videos. People were against with tungsten steel sharpener. I was wondering if you knew anything about the tungsten steel knife sharpeners and wired frowned upon . how much does tungsten steel run for in your experience/ knowledge.

MissJuleeness says:

I love love love LOVE it!!! 😀

EatenGod says:

I would try cobalt if you want one that won’t break from falling

Synth Seeker says:

I don’t know if anyone in the comments mentioned it, but I can explain the loss of the “silvery” shine and development of the grey color. Tungsten carbide is grey, like your worn ring. When TC rings are manufactured for wedding bands they are usually plated with Rhodium, which is in the platinum family. This gives them the very white mirror shine. The Rhodium is just 0.5 to 1.5 microns thick and depending on that thickness will eventually rub off just with normal use/wear…perhaps in a year or two, possibly less, possibly longer. This is not a bad thing for some people as you yourself liked the greyer look. However if you want to restore the very white shine you can have the ring replated for between $20 and $100 if the jeweler you bought it from offers the service. Just FYI. Great video!


=) got married May 1st and I have a titanium ring.

carpo719 says:

It’s used in industrial tools, blades etc. Very strong

bkershaccount says:

is this what china found inside the gold coated bars we gave them?

satt1313 says:

I guess it is a nice metal. But what if your finger swells up by say a insect or animal bite, injury or disease? You will find it almost impossible to cut off. Gold, silver no problem. I guess if your finger changes size over the years you will have to replace the ring because no one is going to be able to resize it. But it’s cheap so a new one is probably less that the cost to resize it. Just be aware of the issues. And I know a lot of guys don’t care about cost but you can bet a lot of women see the size of the cost in proportion to the size of the commitment. Women don’t give a crap about how long it’s shiny they care that it costs $1000.

bkershaccount says:

all i remember was it was some type of tungsten core, but most people don’t even know we got busted. ya, not a good idea to rip off china, especially at that scale but i’m preaching to the choir. i’m not into marriage bc i’m not religious, and good enough at business to understand a shit contract, but i have been talking to my girl and we invision something w/o priest and these might be a cool ring idea…she likes opal, so maybe we would do something that direction. great vid.

nosabe s mi nombre says:

Thank you, but i still think that the prettiest metal to use is gold, the reason? Is gold.

InsaneBassNinja says:

To me Tungsten is unstirgeble… I see my ring as my unstrechable love.

Stinky Cheese says:

Bad idea, should your finger ever swell up then the hardness makes it a lot more difficult to saw off, usually taking some of your flesh with it.

What you should do instead is pick titanium or stainless and get one with a matte or bead blast finish (0r put that finish on yourself), and just accept the scratches as a beautiful reminder of the passing of time.

Purist Historian says:

thanks for the info, i got one myself.

Clifford Gallegos says:

Do not buy! They may not tarnish but they can fade and get a milky sheen. They do not polish well or clean up either. Had one for 9 years now and I’m looking to replace it because it looks so bad.

jess jesse says:

1: is it safe to wearing on your body ? Each metal give differents reactions dude! Right dude?

carpo719 says:

That’s cool, we were going to do tattoos also, never got around to it!

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