Ultimate Gld Shop Review – Diamond Ring

Real Gold vs Gold Plated

The Session is a professional chef out of Johnson & Wales University instructing on how to become a vegan and not want to cry.
Here is The Session giving you a heads up on how to purchase real jewelry. The customer service should match the quality.

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About this video:
The Session is instructing on how to shop for real jewelry. Do not be fooled by the price of gold plated things!


Nick Adkins says:

Jacoje is the plug

Arnold Bass says:

I’m tryna get a custom bubble pendant from off there website u think it’s worth it or naw

Supremo YT says:

SO I want to get a tennis bracelet and chain (5mm) in white gold from gld. anyone can say something about it?

CASHSTRO215 says:

Big man, the higher the kt the more pure and darker the color of the gold and the more expensive……24kt is super soft but the most expensive, 18kt is still dark and slightly less in price than the 24kt. Then you got 14kt and 10kt which is lighter in color and cheaper!!! So with that being said if you’re buying gold you want to buy Solid and not plated 24kt and 18kt not that 14kt and 10kt bs. Dont buy plated jewelry!

germon ottbridge says:

So it’s fake?

Qont Haar says:

Bruh, you are the reincarnation of tupac shakur!

Therealsport7 says:

Why is wiz khalifa talkin bout jewlery

Lan Astaslem says:

Mans bought a womans ring for himself

Moses says:

I think women should only be this concerned about jewelry but to each its own man.

THE SHIN0bI GxD says:

Do an a aporro jewelry review

The Amazin Beats says:

Accurate Review Too, rather have money than spend it on fake shit

Dustin Reft says:

is gld shop products real gold and diamonds?

I’m crying in a corner While i count my money says:

Why am i here

Topic- ItachifromFL says:

Tupac is still alive

Lan Astaslem says:

Get all the fufu shit outta here

Aldean Harriott says:

Nice review brah

NoFace says:

I like the content keep it up brother.

Bruce Portman says:

Gd video

Aidan Chowdhury says:

bro I just bought some tennis chains with the CZ stones from them knowing it was plated, but honestly, it does like shiny and nice. But even though it isn’t real stones or fully gold can I still take it to a local jewler shop and get it like cleaned, shined, and like refurbish it? Just so I can keep up with it looking as best as it can possibly be and not tarnishing it throughout its usage. Please get back to me, would love to know your opinion cuase you’re the only YT that knows what they’re talking about when it comes to talking about jeewlery brands and shit.

Sebastian Lydford says:

This is all ali express stuff bro

iceman BoBo says:

I like how dude broke it down every1 says the gold plated and cz frm gld looks weak af they prey on people with untrained eyes for jewelry . Then you say the customer service isnt good ? Wont be takin my $$$ ima save for the real

The Session says:

Hey Loved ones, thank you all for watching my content. Please believe I have more fire for you all on this playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4bSA2ebqqfMK2pCQPut1cYJY20OHVepB Be sure to check it out!!

LeoPers says:

Sick video man.

Tyler Wright says:

“I diddnt know what gold plated was” “you people need to get educated on jewelry before you buy” shop gld pieces arnet GIA certified VVS in layman’s terms they’re not vvs. Pretty much every one on the jewelry game knows these jewelers are not using real vvs

The problem with says:

Ay bro Im just here to say you boutta blow up, you got some nice ass videos

yolo swag says:

I just bought a few chains and shit from ‘em im really hopin’ that WHEN it arrives it wont be trash, i really wished i watched this video before i ordered. Great review man.

Hank Hill says:

Huge L for buying from shop gld I’ll put my life on it, that ring doesn’t have vvs diamonds in it.

Nigga when they get KD? says:

Dope review man, professional and you swaggin

Lung cancer says:

What is the best place to buy jewelry?? im on a thousand dollar budget.

m h says:

walmart wiz

cclevel45 says:

Well I’m definitely not going to buy shit from gld. Thanks for the heads up pimp.

Layun says:

Lil Tracyyy

Pee Cee says:

That palm tree chain was fufu

Dean Hagler-Jaen says:

is this kill stacy?

Ali Alex Shirazi says:

Real review thanks man, i wanted to know if i should buy these or save up. Saving up is the choice

Brian Leonard says:

Hit up a pawn shop you’ll get better deals plus you’re not spending retail


I have been saying that gld is a scam for years if you want a gold plated chain go to ebay or hiphopbling but I would recommend you save up and buy from jacoje real nice dude

Jonathan Wuong says:

You should not buy gold plated you should buy gold filled and up to real 10,14,18,22 and 24 karat gold

Juice Mobb says:

I remember this. We been following you, since way before the vegan snacks. This is dope


Good review but one thing Zales and all them Other stores that you mention also has fake jewelry I brought a couple of rings for my wife from Zales take them to a pawnshop years ago after I broke down and my homie told me there was fake

Drek De says:

bro GLD has the best Medusa pendant on the market.

tomato48 says:

Thanks for being honest. Too many fugazi dudes..

DayGuy says:

Yo people can you help maybe you know some shops for jewellry like this?

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