Why Silicone Rings Make Sense – My New Wedding Ring

Siicone rings have become a popular choice for a wedding ring lately. Whether to prevent degloving injuries or for comfort, a silicone wedding ring makes sense for a lot of us. Here’s my story and why I decided to wear a silicone wedding band.

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rehorst180 says:

I have been wearing a QALO ring for a while now. Depending if I am working outside or just going out to eat. I’ll switch between my silicon ring or my tungsten carbide ring. The silicon ring just makes sense in certain instances.

TruckCaptain Stumpy says:

i rather liked this video. i am a retired firefighter and wearing rings at work was a no-no, which caused many an argument at home with the MRS (new MRS now with common sense, so no problems anymore – LOL).
We not only had safety video’s explaining why we shouldn’t wear them, but real world experience with firefighters and other similar jobs (construction) regularly. being the only EMT/Paramedic response unit in our area made us the goto for all calls, so i’ve cut off many wedding rings to try to save a finger or hand.
If i had this option, i would have used it back then, for sure. it was far better than the old cut piece of nomex or PBI i wore to please the wife back in the day

Tony White says:

You are a very passionate man and I love your videos, I am ordering a couple of things you have reviewed, the schf36 and a SOG tactical tomahawk. However they are much more expensive than over there in the USA, here in Aussie land the SOG alone is $77 not including shipping, the knife is nearly $60 all in AUD. Keep the videos coming I look forward to more to come.

Duke Nukem says:

Dang, jewelry sounds like such a pain. If I ever get married I’ll just get a tattoo on my arm that says “married”, hopefully she will approve haha.

jmtnvalley says:

Do they have a lady’s version? My wife uses her hands all the time and has trash two wedding bands.

lesclave aphobos says:

Especially useful for left-handers, many of whom end up wearing their wedding band on their right hand to keep it off their strong side.

Deerheart Adornments says:

thnx much, want one of those rings even tho I am female.
missed the skunk, don’t mnd your rambling either

SunCoaster says:

Brain i will have 34 years March 19 So congrats to u also

Gerry Biggs says:

Great video Brian, I actually did my osha 30 class on wearing jewelry & degloving (with graphic pictures). I too am a construction worker in the Atlanta area, (sheetmetal lu 85)been married for 17 yrs, but my wife knows I will not wear a wedding band at work, just weekends. Anywho, look who’s rambling now! Great video keep up the good work

joakim oskarsson says:

One ring to rule them all.

michael scott says:

I took my wedding band off when I lit myself up with 45 volts DC welding. Gold gets hot!! Bad leather glove, bad mig gun and gold ring equals ring of fire. The smell of burning human flesh even more nasty when it’s your own.

Zalix says:

thank you for making this video because I’m going to work construction,electrician,carpenter, and general construction and this will save my finger and a ring lol

mark burress says:

Chuck Norris finds all lost wedding bands, and has never lost anything.
Seriously, Brian…I totally get where you’re coming from on the metal ring deal. I missed a lick with a Cold Steel Trailmaster, and nearly cut my silver band in two! It saved my finger. Plus with electricity, welding, grinding…jewelry is a NO NO in knife making, gun work etc. fingers got cold and lost my gold band in the ice bucket in my moms freezer once.

spykez spykez says:

Congrats! Mine goes round my neck!

Survival Mindset says:

Congrats on 34 years. My got caught on a nail. I’m a general contractor no wedding band for me but i got a tattoo. Good heads up on these rings.

Denali says:

Congrats on 34 Mr B.! And hey, silicone is a pretty good idea!

dewey Watson says:

Forgot to say congrats on the 34 years of marriage.

Franklin The Turtle says:

Tubing there is so much fun!

Lt Survival says:

28 year here and wore it thru military, scuba diving, sky diving and all kind of place got lucky never lost it but bent nick and did some damage on it. change ring at 25 y so we could have something new. I do remove it often.

Sam Park51 says:

Do you play the intro music yourself?

Big Sky says:

Congrats on 34 years… I’ve been married for 18 and plumbing for 12. Thankfully have not caught my ring on anything too bad… yet. Lol.

David M. says:

congratulations Brian. you are inspiration to all of us.

Cross Country Outdoors says:

Brian, I, like a lot of other people, do bushcraft , and metal detecting. A gold ring on your hand can cause a problem when you have a handful of dirt from the hole and you check it with your pinpointer. Thanks for the idea. I’ve been married since 5/9/1964.

Jenny Stevens says:

UNDER $10 bucks??? Hey, you could get one in every color!

Bump Staggers says:

After grabbing a pipe I was sweating I quit wearing one. This is a great alternative. Thanks for the info. Great video as usual.

Roger Lawson says:

I know how it is Bryan. After 34 years I gave up on wearing a gold ring. I worked construction and as a mechanic and even after retiring I lost my 4th and last one (Deer hunting). Reasons about like your. Guess I will try one of these. Thanks for the tip.

Jani Sukanen says:

Congratulations on 34 years Bryan 🙂 That is wonderful! I hope my lovely wife will endure my silly humor and snoring for decades to come 😉 The silicon ring is actually quite cool idea. Does not break the bank if lost. My ring is so warped that it actually can´t fall anymore. The safety aspect of the silicone ring is very real. I know a local farmer who actually lost a finger because his ring. Cool video Bryan! Have a nice week 🙂 As always, big thumbs up!

dewey Watson says:

Over 40 years ago I was working a vending route at a wood processing plant and as it was quite a way from our base I spent several days a week all day there and got to know many of the guys working there. The maintenance crew had a lot of free time and hung around the break room most days one of the most friendly ones was an electrician they were told not to wear jewelry but they wore heavy rubber gloves so most of the guys still wore their wedding rings. My friends ring wore a tiny hole in his glove that he probably never even saw he was working on a high voltage line and that tiny hole allowed his ring to contact a bare terminal he was killed instantly. Long winded I know but one of these rings would have saved his life.

In the Woods with Bigfoot says:

(My audio is just barely working on my new video) Great review Brian!

Roy Parman says:

Interesting product, Brian. Wish I had known about these when I was married.. I worked in computers, and I always had to remove my wedding band at work, because you definitely do not want to be wearing a conductive gold band on your hand when you’re poking around inside of a hot computer server — especially if it’s an expensive server that belongs to the client and not yourself.

NGMonocrom says:

I know it’s not a substitute for a silicone wedding band. But for guys out there not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on themselves for a gold ring, yet still wanting a metal band. Many jewelry stores now carry Stainless Steel rings.

Not surprisingly, quite a bit of the inventory of S.S. jewelry is geared for men or very young girls. The latter not yet having the cash flow yet to buy gold or silver jewelry.

steel loving you says:

the rings of marriage, there are three the engagement ring , the wedding ring and then the suffering. Congratulations on your anniversary

Jake Riethmeier says:

34 years, dang that’s umm 1980 something congrats. Hey man, I won a Surplus Canvas scout wall tent on an EBay Auction today. I’m pretty stoked about it. Although my buddy the Scouter was all like dude, why do you want one of those leaky wolf spider infested things…. Answer, it was cheap. I don’t know if you’ve looked into the price of tent canvas lately I saved a couple hundred bucks going this route. Gonna install a stove jack and make a hot tent for deer season. I guess I better make a stove too.

The_kid says:

congratulations on your 34 years Bryan

Chris Fisher says:

I feel your pain. I have personally lost ten rings over the past 14 yrs. I got into the Qalo rings and 30$ is alot cheaper if you tear it up

God :-O says:

You could just get a tattoo.

Redsorgum says:

Just take a black marker, and draw a ring around your finger…………My problem isn’t rings, it’s watches. I’ve had some ripped off my arm while working.

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