Woman’s post about her $130 wedding rings goes viral

A Tennessee woman’s Facebook post about her wedding rings has quickly gone viral.

Last month, Ariel Desiree McRae shared a picture of the two rings she proudly wears, given to her by the love of her life.

“My husband doesn’t have a lot, neither of us do,” McRae said. “We scrape and scrape to pay bills and put food in our bellies.”

McRae said ahead of her wedding, she didn’t care about jewelry – she just wanted to marry her best friend. However, it meant a lot to her now-husband, Quinn, to buy her a ring.

The couple saved up enough money to purchase two matching sterling silver rings.

“That’s what sits on my ring finger, and I am so in love with them,” McRae said.


Trevor Stolz says:

Old fashioned wedding bands. People only had diamonds at all once the industry got involved. In this rate of 50% divorce rate, it should be “no hymen, no diamond”. Statistics bare it out, the promiscuous both men and women have been, the higher the chance of divorce.

Cleveland Hulk says:

I got my wife a $85 ring from Walmart and told her if we make it 10 years I’ll buy you whatever ring you want from Kay Jewelers or Jared’s why would I go out and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for an engagement ring with a marriage that’s probably not strong enough to last people are in and out of Divorce Court me and my wife have been going on 11 years strong so baby you want to go get that ring I promise you about she said no I’m perfectly fine with the one I got

NinjaPenguin77664 says:

16 and 20 years old?
Is that legal?

Ranjiplays says:

woman only wants diamind rings, cuz they all are money hungry

Pickeledcoconut says:

The fact that this is “news” is just so sad. You should all know that the cost of the ring is not really that important. It certainty will not carry a marriage??

Elevating Dreams says:

Diamonds are not rare anymore.

Gem Stone says:

PFFFFT Mine was on sale for 79$ and I picked it first, then looked at the price which sealed the deal!

Music Mystic says:

Trust me us men don’t want to buy expensive rings, but we do cause we wanna look like we can afford something good for our lady

Virokk Gaming says:

He bought that ring from wish

Aidan Murphy says:

100 dollars is how much the diamonds in an average ring actually cost anyways. One company just has a monopoly on diamonds and inflates the prices to ridiculous amounts. They have warehouses overflowing with them. Diamonds are not rare.

Toxic Melody says:

A lot of ungrateful bitches, society just uses rings and weddings to get more money out of your pocket. What is the point of a ring when you both know you love each other.

Mikey Larsen says:

I’d pay 40$ for one

Evil says:

1:15 not based on material yet u need a piece of paper thats says u together… dumbass muricans

Guardian of Justice says:

Wonderful story this is what about it’s about loving the commitment to love I wish them a long and healthy marriage so sad there people out there that measure love through material things
I have my doctors lawyers many different professionals and they still have the same ring that they got engaged with and married with even though they have so much more money because to them it’s what it represent
To them those little rings have more value than a 5-carat diamond
My wife being one of them make your commitment about love and devotion

EbFilesX says:

130? Overpaid.

jomsart says:

lol why even waste 130 dollars in some idiotic tradition.

PamVanVleck says:

I worked as a jeweler for 3 years & in that time I discovered the most inexpensive rings had the strongest & most long lasting relationships. So many times I would sell an $8000 dollar set just to have an ungrateful bride exchange or a former groom have to return because it didn’t work out.


the *wamen*

Dawn Zaffuto says:

Love is not about a ring. My ring cost less than 100$ we will be married in January for THIRTY awesome years. Don’t let anyone shame you about your rings, they see beautiful and what they represent is even far more beautiful than any ring ever could be! May you have many loving years to come!

beastypie99 says:

Diamonds are worthless

g is for gay says:

If it’s getting a lot of attention how come I havent heard about it before I don’t think it’s viral

Dry Nipsalot says:

What about a ring pop

thatcher himself says:

lol she made the picture while driving smh

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