Chanel Earrings Review | My DUMBEST High End Purchase?

My thoughts on my new Chanel stud earrings I bought while in Las Vegas at the Bellagio!

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Quit3Cut3 says:

I would never waste that much money on a pair of costume earrings lol. I’ll buy a pair of replicas. Rather have real diamonds or Tiffany’s.

Denise Sheehan says:

Are they costume jewelry grade?? And only 1 year’s warranty? I am glad you gave them an honest review!

Mariska K says:

These are a must have, classic and versatile.

Sade Lewis says:

i sold mine because of all the above reasons you just mentioned even tho i did quite like them but i resold mine for what i brought them 5 years later x

L.M. Welsh says:

I bought knock offs in real sterling silver for 20 bucks – they are all over the place. Word to the wise – unless it’s real diamond or gold do not spend more than 500 bucks for a piece of jewelry

Homira Farzayee says:

I’ve recently been wanting a pair. I went to Neiman Marcus Chanel boutique to look at them and the sales associate was rude I just left without even looking at the earrings outside the glass case. I really like the pair Polina (pbbuny97) has, you can see it in her blog channel video titled “photoshoots, brunch & girls night out” if you skip to the endish, if anyone knows the style of Polinias earrings please let me know!

shuron Edmond says:

Damn you Fine!!!!!!!!

Sade Lewis says:

also mine made my ears sore so id only ever worn them twice x

hollyannaeree says:

congrats on your purchase. i actually have quite a few pairs of these and NONE of my pairs have lost their crystals so hopefully that gives you some piece of mind. i’m don’t overly baby my stuff either.

Rebecca Hurtado says:

I bought a pair a couple of years ago and ended up returning them because the stones kept falling out. I loved them but to me it wasn’t worth the headache of always having to take them in to be fixed.

Lauren Asleigh says:


sage bates says:

I sadly got unlucky and bought a chanel necklace and the rhinestone fell out! I dont know why have some trouble, but that was a long time ago I bought its maybe they have gotten a lot better!

Kendra September says:

Does anyone know how to search for replica versions of these or other replica Chanel items ?

Linda Collazo says:

Love the earrings! I just a pair of earrings also! xxxLinda

L B says:

Love the earrings!

Maria Lopez says:

the foundation covered sideburns make me so paranoid now haha

Nikki Leon says:

I wish i could afford chanel earrings

Sharon Li says:

I love it! Can you list the style number? 🙂

ellis xo says:

my ears are rlly sensitive too and I just ordered these and now I feel like it was a mistake

Liz Martinez says:

I LOVE your polish!!! What color is it?!? Lol..

DoomBuggy86 says:

I bled on these, want to buy them?

Mona619 says:

I felt the same way when I bought mine in silver. But I ware them a lot and others know they are authentic because I am not a knock off person. I saw them and had to get them because they would be gone. Yes they retain their value and it increases as times goes because they are classic and staple items and not being made. You made a good purchase despite the crystals falling off. This may happen to you and hope it doesn’t but they can be replaced for up to a year. Some people say to put clear nail polish over them but that’s entirely up to you. Enjoy them. You will get lots of complements. They make you feel good. So enjoy them!!!!!!

LilMoe1821 says:

What are some reputable online luxury shops u would use? Those earrings are gorgeous.

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