DesignerToptoBottom says:

Early or old video?

gbc waid says:

its augest big fella?

aaron krauss says:


Supreme Jetski 10 says:

Happy Christmas?????

jinx 1090753 says:

Oh shii Cuhz its Christmas?

Humza Bukhari says:

Fire you should do a earing collection

It’sdaed boyLOL says:

It’s not even Christmas

Antonio Garcia says:

Since it Christmas maybe for the New Year you can get a shape up?

Chris Smoove says:

Where did you get them by the way! Also keep the great vids coming

Moneymakin K says:

Why do you think you so smart you’re 14?

Nick Adkins says:

Nice! I picked up some .62tcw studs for dumb cheap. SI1 g-h color and I paid $350 so really can’t beat the price and they sparkle like crazy! Love it

Carlos Arevalo says:

Nice buy! Where did you buy them from, if don’t mind me asking?

DesignerToptoBottom says:

Adrian check out my channel

TheTaylor559 says:

did you get them off blue nile?

Siddharth Rajagopalan says:

Do an updated Jewellery collection

Hylixe says:

Noti gang

aaron krauss says:

Keep up the vids

switcheezy says:


Bighrme Gg says:

Sell me a belt

Danger Jake 2 says:

It’s Christmas Now

Luis Ayala says:

Vvs diamond

DesignerToptoBottom says:


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