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In todays video, you guys get to see my boyfriends huge christmas surprise and how we spent our Christmas with his wonderful family. I also update you guys on what happened to Wolfie jr, a new car and other life updats! I hope you enjoy this weeks vlog. XO

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Livie B. says:

are you and wolf going to get married

Sebastiana Martinez Zavala says:

Omg I bought the exact same thing for my puppies first Christmas and I didn’t even know Sylvia existed

Baylee Boyd says:

I love you

Rose Johnson II says:

you must get this all the time, but what camera do you vlog with

FreezyCold • says:

My dog ate a pan full of brownies and she was fine so you tried wolfy

Chicken nuggets Are good says:

Your top lip is fucked up

Maddie R says:

Don’t worry my dog ate 3 boxes of chocolate

Victoria Chavez says:

Wolfie Is a good boyfriend

Tania Sierra says:

Who else saw wofile’s dad roll his eyes at 1:38

Trinity Hawkins says:

i have those same earrings thay cost 300 dollars

INfiREMe says:

TBH it’s so great that you spent your Christmas with your boyfriend and his family and that u guys have a good relationship but I’m wondering why didn’t u go visit your family and spend it with them? (Ik they live in a different city) it’s just that a lot of people I know personally spend holidays and times with their boyfriend’s family instead of their own and sometimes it feels like they’re dropping their own family because they end up losing contact with them and it’s kinda sad cuz what if u break up one day but u cut loose relationships between u and your own family

Demekia Carter says:

Sylvia what was the song u played when u were getting ready…. it was PRETTY

Ines Toholj says:

awwwwwwww I love you

Jordan M Garcia says:

Wolfieraps. sant me

Leslie Shadow2 says:

That was sooo cute

p l says:

Yea same my ears is sensitive too 🙁

Nails By Abby says:


Ellie Codner says:

I love how she is so close with Charlie’s parents and how she calls them “mum and dad”

Lilah Khadr says:

honestly I love both of them with all my heart but I think Wolfie spoils her wayyy too much! but I don’t know what happeneds behind the scenes

Gleeker says:

My ears are sensitive too

Rainbow 101 says:

Omg the exact same thing happened to my dog and he is also a boy and he was shaking when he went and he ate chocolate

Pauline Hunter says:

Wolfie is perfect for Silvia

Rilee Austin says:

You guys are relationship goals xx

Riley Jilka says:

U guys are goals

Omargamer Moheyeldin says:

Yasss u watch once upon a time oncer for life bro

Teresita Lopez says:

Silvia why do you wear makeup you are beautiful the way you are

Fangfei Cai says:

Tess is wolfie’s sister right ??

Kermit says:

omg same about earrings i cant wear most earrings because then my ears get effected and the earrings have to be stainless steal

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