I Wore Crazy-Big Hoop Earrings For A Day

Selorm tries to wear the biggest pair of hoops she can find.

Hoop earrings available at Elsie Margie Jewelry Boutique

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BB11249 says:

2:04 I’m dead lol

Kaya Denver says:

That’s very dangerous!

Xxx_MusikIsMySoul_xxX I like food says:

You should wear hoops as big as Godzilla.

Drew Dude says:

Jenna Ortega can rock her hoops so well. ❤️ ❤️

Charry Ong says:


Mahnoor Rana says:

I don’t have never ever wear a hoop earrings ever and I will love to wear one too.

Charlotte Brackenbury says:

double as a bracelet

Playbackjunkie says:

You DEFINATELY don’t look like a pop star. They lying to you. xD So you’d keep wearing them… and they can look better than you lol

Meghan Kitty says:


Golden Arch says:

Shoulda just went to ya local BSS sis. For $1.99

Ddjnemdkd Krkdk says:

The bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe

ally the gamer says:

Im sry but the bigger the hoop the bigger the ho

Meya Buckhalter says:

I need these!

JustSy Things says:

Where I’m from that size is completely normal. Lol

Avaleste says:

selorm is so pretty ahhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHH

Goezbun says:

This is technically how my short friend looks with normal hoops

Nat Mai says:

“The bigger the hoop the bigger the h** “

TheMadHatter _19 says:

I feel like buzzfeed has run out of actual content. Cause like…seriously? This is a pointless video.

Gabriel Guerrero says:

I really like her voice

Soso N says:

Just like patty boo

Queen Bee says:

Lol the only thing u did is went to a meeting and it was a very long day but please make more day challenges

Sonaly's Art says:

*am I the only one that wants hoop earrings as big as hers*

Armani Mobley says:

How many inches is those hoops? Anybody somebody on here think they know? If she don’t,respond? Just wanted to know so I’ll know them NOT the inches I prefer lol! Everybody got different preferences.

Tøxic. Dreams says:

BeAuTy Is PaIn

Migi san says:

The bigger the hoop the bigger the thot

Grace New says:

My favorite person at As/Is!!! <3

_*Queen Malak RBLX • Coolawesomekid1013*_ says:

*Why do the guys at **1:37** and at **1:40** sound gay? No offense lmao. XDD*

Playbackjunkie says:

Oh my god, they look SO RIDICULOUS

bruce anand says:

Tq for this video..make ear cleaning also

Kadie Galewaler says:

Were the earrings heavy??

IvysTea says:

She is soooo freakin stunning I can’t even

Macy Louise says:

I haven’t watched this video yet but I know that someone is gonna say the bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe

Bnb Tnt says:

I can’t believe they let her go 🙁

Sweetpumpkin456 7 says:

You can even try wearing them as a choker

Mich'ele.valentine__ says:

I have broad shoulders and sensitive ears. They would not work for me.

ppp ppplll says:


Jungkook's Left Timberland says:


dc washington says:

dam big as hoops

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