My Top 10 Ebay Earrings

Hello beautyloving unicorns and welcome to this video that is a tad different, Im gonna show you my top 10 earrings from Ebay. I’ll try my best to link them down below aswell. And if you wanna see more fashion’isch videos do let me know!


Links to the earrings I showed that I accually found listings for, not necessarly the SAME listing as I used (if I dont list them here, try searching for them yourself)

Green Tassle Earrings

Dropshaped Pendant Earrings With Multicolored Stones

Bee Pom Pom Earrings

Blue Feather Earrings

Small Peach Tassle Earrings

Long Cross Earrings

Big Baroque Cross Earrings

Yellow Tassle Earrings

Sun & Moon Earrings

White Tassle Earrings

What am I wearing?

This tutorial is already up, right here:

I do my nails at a salon, don’t know the nailcolor, sorry.

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Reflexology52 Welsh says:

Have you ever shopped on the “WISH” web site, super cheap, sometimes even free, just pay shipping, give it a look!

Rheva Solstice says:

Those sun and moon earrings are gorgeous ! I saw them couple months ago on aliexpress but never bought them, I think I will now, they look so good.
The bee pom pom earrings are so cute, I need these too.
I really like your style, I hope you will do more videos like that.

A C says:

I would watch if you did it but not interested in most beautygurus obnoxious fashion videos

Tea Matešić Bugarin says:

Yes to shoes! I don’t wear earrings anymore, don’t know why. My entire left ear is pierced but I couldn’t wear that look to my last job so I took them all out and never put them back.

Jennifer Lubigan says:

love this vids..i love the tassels the pom pom bee one..hope there would be necklace edition too..and ur fashion sense and style..oh yes more fashion please

Monica P says:

I love those bumble bee earnings <3 Sure .. love to see your fashion style (esp weekend style).

Farzana F. says:

This is such a great video, and you looked amazing in all of these!!!

Gee Smith says:

The bee pom poms were sooo nice. I’m not into bees but those made me want to find some like them. I would watch any fashion type videos you put out. Now I’m about to head to ebay to spend some money lol

Samantha March says:

You do always have the best earrings!

Melissa Gold says:

What about bottom 10? Haha, I’ve bought some AWFUL eBay jewellery as well as some great ones too. It’s always a bit hit and miss. Some of them are hilariously bad but I guess when you’re spending $2 on a pair, I don’t mind too much.

Diana Jean says:

I would LOVE to see more fashion videos from you!!!

Dom D says:

I watch a load of fashion and style channels, so if you want to expand the scope of your channel to encompass that, I’m HERE FOR IT ❤️ whatever makes you happy!

5Heliotrope says:

You are gorgeous! All the earrings look very very stylish and good on you! No matter what the subject of your videos might be – I’ll watch it. :))

Krista Sigler says:

Yes! More fashion videos would be amazing!! I love your style

Miranda Garza says:

I need to see your shoes! Lol it looks like you have a cool style.

Tehmina Bhalli says:

Loved it! I want you to do more with the fashion related videos!!

Karolina Niedźwiecka says:

Hi Angie, could you please include the PO Box info in the description? I would love to open one for myself and I am looking for a reliable company

Makeup Dreamer says:

You don’t even realise how much I was curious to watch it. You’ve a great collection!

Myselis Santiago-Reyes says:

It will be nice a video about how you store your earigns 🙂

Sumoners says:

i liked most cross earrings, i even got them now, im male, they look rly rocky and ppl ain complain, i look rly Gothic now ‘) yes they are heavy, but with all that black pearls they shall be heavy, got em from aliexpress rly fast, 2 days and they was here

Chic Geek says:

Yes to fashion videos!! Now I need some tassel earrings!

Grace Skelton says:


Zoe Carney says:

I love these, especially the bee pom-poms! Very cute. And for what it’s worth, I’d love to see some fashion videos from you – I like those occasionally on some other channels, but as with makeup, I avoid the ones that are just unboxings, because they’re boring to me 😉 Most things look great when you first buy them, so what I find interesting is how they worked when you actually wore them – would you repurchase from that brand, did it end up languishing at the back of your wardrobe or do you wear it all the time, etc.

Psychedelic Feline says:

Yes! More fashion!

Giuliana D'Appio says:

I actually had to pause the video to find those bee ones! I love this idea and would love to see more fashion from you too x

PamMilly says:

I am not super into fashion videos, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t film it. I actually rather enjoyed this video. So maybe I would like others.

zena kate says:

Love all of them, so beautiful. I also love shopping on ebay for earrings so cheap in prices but not in quality. thanks for sharing

Whitney Abigail says:

LOVEEE LOVEEE – they’re so cute ✨

Katherine Kammerer says:

I would like to see fashion videos.

Melissa Thomas says:

You’d love Betsy Johnson earrings..I’ve got some for reasonable prices on poshmark, they also have them at discount stores in the US sometimes, not sure of you guys have those stores!

D. Michelle B. says:

I’d love to see a shoe essentials video and more fashion type videos. I think it would be super cool, I really enjoy your esthetic!

marcie frey says:

I would love it if you did some fashion oriented videos

Yazz M. M. says:

You got a new subscriber! Loved your tutorials❤

Giovanna Vignoni says:

After seeing this video it made me feel a bit daring and I put on some earrings after YEARS of not wearing any! I personally am down to see more fashion videos from you~

Robin's Cup of Tea says:

it has literally never crossed my mind to search ebay for earrings…what a fun video!

1fabmommy says:

Beautiful earrings! I definitely need to get on ebay, and order a few. I would love to see fashion videos from you.

Neilah love says:

Thank u for sharing ur tips with us because u always have great earrings. Also ur makeup is gorgeous! I would love seeing more fashion videos from u!

ursula barnard says:

I love every and all your videos . So fresh and fun . Please do more fashion ones ♥️

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