I was sent these two pair of earrings to do a review. The opinions given are my personal feelings regarding the earrings. I absolutely love both pairs of these earrings. The long feather ones are my weekend style. I love wearing long stylish earrings on the weekend. The short pair are the size I normally wear during the work week. Although I don’t normally wear yellow gold, I feel that the color of these earrings aren’t to loud, so I feel I could easily wear them with no problem.

If you like these earrings, check them out at the links below.

Wheel Earrings (short pair):

Feather Earrings (long pair):

Disclaimer: I was sent these earrings to do a review. The opinions expressed are my own. I was not paid to do this review.


HoneyJazz29 says:

Oh wow, I can’t remember who but another Yt diva modeled those first pair. They are fierce and look hot with your hair. You truly are working them!

jahlivegigi says:

Those earrings she sent are becoming popular the feather they were on basketball wives la…

brina2254 says:

what wig are u wearing here?

Curvesohyeah says:

Errin just wants to sing for us again…bless her!
LOVE the first earrings on you, i can’t do the length…my neck too short!

GettingmyMACon says:

I love that first pair. Very very cute.

souljagurlsha says:

the first pair are jus too freaking cute gurl, rock them.

everlastingcurves says:

When I saw these feather earrings, I thought about that “twist lace” wig that you untwisted. You could wear those earrings with that wig and have and Indian look for Halloween or if you just like the style.

homespuntreasures1 says:

Love both pair!!!!

50LittleMama says:

THose ae so pretty on you Prissy! And I love your eyebrows!

kzique73 says:

both were very cute… the first pair were BOMB! so okay… i can be fashionably challenged at times so help a fashionista in training out… with those earrings being so long, you wouldn’t want to wear a necklace with it right? thoughts…???
thanks for sharing the review and links! have a great rest of the week!

ILoveToScrub says:

wow. those first pair work very well with your hair. they are BEAUTIFUL!!!
man i wish i could wear other metals besides gold and silver. i’m always missing out on cute earrings.
the other earrings are very nice too.

334bamagirl says:

Your hair is FIERCE!!!! Loving the earrings….thanks for the review!

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