You’ve Been Wearing Your Earrings Wrong!

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So this girl Chelsea Smith tweeted about the backs of earrings and basically broke the Internet all over again. I know who to blame for this though…


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Arceus. sLIMEs says:

I knew it was wrong for some time because it was really painful

stacia ong says:

Luckily i searched how to do it before i wear it cause my helper said to wear it WITH the PLASTIC

Emily S. says:

she scared the shit out of me when the video started

Game Player says:

YALL been wearing them wrong

Kell Gentle says:

they are meant to be on they’re to prevent the backs sinking into the ear if there’s swelling from the piercing as there was a lot of cases of emergency removes of the backs as they went into the ear lobe however after the time allowed for healing you can remove if you wish!
Oh and I’ve never heard of them being there to prevent earlobe sagging lmao thats so funny!!

TwistedGlitter says:

Your lobes are gonna stretch so badly. Those plastic bits are supposed to be there as an anchor/support to keep the earring balanced in your ears. If you want dangly lobes just get a pack of bullet-backs

# Rose says:

I used freaked out whenever the plastic bit fell off and now I find out that it’s meant to come off

Vilde Fretheim says:

I’m 11 years, and ever since I got my ears pierces I have NEVER gottan the plastic-thingies you’re talking about.

This World Crazy says:

is she foreal?

meme mc memeface says:

you’re not funny

PuggyPredator1 says:

Im so.confused….

sileNt solEmNitY -Dove Maci- says:

Why am I watching this.. Why blame anybody? Like wow… Your mother your friends everyone whose ever had earrings has worn them for HOW LONG? and you really think it matters so much about this extra piece of plastic.. Nobody gives see unless their a big stupid bitch looking for shit to complain about.. I have an idea! This would be a very informative ad why don’t you dress up in a pin up outfit and a beehive hair do and send this back to never never land.

AG and TALENT says:

That’s what I have been doing this since I got my ears pierced some people need to learn some stuff

Eilidh Gallacher says:

guess what this doesnt happen in the uk

Kittycat Productions says:

I’m shocked

brickMade94 says:

Lol, smh!!!!! I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time, lmbo

Luna Heart says:

No duhhh

Nat and Hay says:

Why does it say you have no subscribers?

Angel jennifer Nguyen says:

But but but
Plastic that you said you’re supposed to where it’s very hard to get off

hai yen nguyen says:

I dont know it until i saw tou thank lovely girl ☺

Katrin Atzeni says:

here in germany is no plastic on a earring haha

WinterKiss says:

This is stupid. Their obviously there for a reason, I got my ears pierced at claires yesterday and I watched so many videos to make sure they are as healthy and clean as possible throughout the healing process. I read up on different back earrings and what to prevent certain things and these plastic covers are there specially to stop the backs sinking into a swollen ear if it reacts to the metal.


Thanks for the vid! I didn’t know! ❤️

Julia Shimorskaya says:

Серьёзно блин?Это все знали!

Ivy Luu says:

I already know that because when ever you buy an earring you only need the part where it twist or something not the white part.

Fatima Nadeem says:

who doesnt know that -.-

cress says:

I’ve never bought a pair of earrings with the plastic bit. Didn’t know that they came with that. (From Australia lol)

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